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So my daughter is getting ready to turn 3 in 11 days and has been said to be developmentally delayed. She goes to a special preschool and is really excelling in there. She babbles more, but is also speaking more words. She drinks rom an open cup like a champ and when she is eating makes a very small mess (huge acclomplishments)....Am I alone in this? I mean I know I'm not the only mom with a special needs child....a friend of a friend has a little girl in kind of the same boat as Olivia....but is there anyone out there with me? How are you dealing with it? what kind of services do y'all have provided? how well are things progressing?. Olivia was in the early intervention/easter seal program and while it was nice, towards they started to make me feel really bad not to mention that somewhere along the lines it was said that I could end up "depressed"....while I got to the bottom of that situation, the fact that it was even said really was upsetting because I am not a depressed person.....ok well I suppose this is long enough....anyone else out there??

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There are many parents that do get depressed over these things. The normal feelings of where did I go wrong or how come I didn't know about the bad genetics in the family until now can get too you. They weren't saying those things to be mean, they were offering a gentle warning to watch for the signs so you could get help early. I used to work for an advocacy agency in Tulsa, OK. The biggest thing they offered was a support system for parents. Knowing these people made it easier for me to deal with the speech delays of my middle son and then the younger one. I now know the complaints my oldest's father made weren't really my fault. I did let the guilt get to me in 2003 and 2004 and I've had a hard time dealing with the middle child's developmental struggles but I do have help in that aspect.
My Daughter will start in Special Ed. Pre-K next month. She will be in an inclusive class and will receive speech and OT. You are NOT alone in this....I actually work for a B-3 agency in my state. The important thing is to have your daughter spend time with her peers, so she can learn by watching and imitating them. Your early intervention provider was dead wrong to say that to you! Our roles are meant to support the families and to provide information and suggestions to help them help their children. That way, when we are not with you, you can help your child! YOU are the expert about your daughter and you are doing a great keep her healthy, you ensure that she is growing and developing appropriately, and you clearly listened to your providers. It's too bad they were so lousy to you! I would report them to the B-3 program director... Feel free to contact me if you need any more info. about this....
Hi Angel. My older son, Brett, is developmentally delayed. He's four now and has made great strides in his mixed special education/mainstream classroom. We're hoping to mainstream him into regular kindergarten next year, but it depends on where he is with his fine motor skills. DD is a bit of a rollercoaster. There are a lot of two steps forward followed by a step back. All you can do is give your child encouragement and love and learn to be patient with the process. Don't let people make you feel bad about the pace of your daughter's learning. Hang in there!
Hi Angel,
Take a breather, it will all be fine, it is a little daunting to find out that your child has any type of problem, but we are human and subject to a lot of stuff. Being developmentally delayed at three years of age is hard to comprehend. Three year olds are still very young, potty training can be difficult for some children. Others can't put the words together with the meaning just yet, others are testing everything you have, while tossing things out of strollers, to standing in strollers, to using words that are inappropriate.It sounds like a lot, but kids are a real lesson in patience, and hopefully you will not get stressed while your little girl is trying to figure out pictures, and meanings. It is all a process she will eventually surprise you, girls are very good at that sort of thing. As far as being depressed goes, don't let it get to you, kids have a dialouge all of their own, sooner or later, kids get the picture they were born into, the dynamics of the family, the good she has to offer, the patience you have shown her, and hopefully the kindness in your heart will help her to be the best person she can be.

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