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Are you dieting and/or excersing in order to lose weight? If so, what are you doing that is or isn't working? Do you have weight loss tips for other moms?

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Boy am I? I decided this year that I am going to try all the healthy avenues I can to try and loose weight. And when I get off track I will make it a determination to get right back on it and try something new until it sticks. So far I did the vegetarian thing and lost 20 pounds. But then I got off track and gained three to five pounds back. So now I am going to try calorie shifting. What that does is tricks your body or keeps it guessing so that you are less likely to plateau. Its done by basically lowering and upping your mean calorie intake every number of days by 500 calories. So for instance for two days you intake 2000 calories. The third day you up it by 500 by eating 2500 and then another two days at 2000 then the third lower it to 1500. This is not exact because its different for everyone depending on your caloric intake. But here is a website that will help you calculate what your daily intake should be by your weight and height and how it works.
I was browsing the internet and came upon this sight. I thought it might help me lose weight. Today is the first day of my life change. I need to lose 60 pounds and I need help.
i desperately want to lose 50-60 and i am out of ideas.
I am dieting to lose weight and I found these great nutritious and healthy products from herbalife; they are great and affordable I started using them about 8 weeks ago I have lost 17 lbs and 6 inches. I feel great and I have a lot of energy. With this program I replace two of my meals with a protein shake it could either be(breakfast and lunch or any other way) since my body is getting the good amount of protein it needs along with some excellent supplememt so I don't feel tired or hungry and I also do my best to incorporate exercises into my routine. I drink plenty of water and for dinner I eat a colorfull meal so I am able to cook and eat the food I make for my family. This products can be brought only thru qualify distributors because this person also become your wellness coach to work with you until you reach your goals. If you want to know more let me know.
I am too , I have cut back on my eating, and with the med that I was on I could not have anything that has alot of sugar or no sugar at all. ,i swicth from sugur and went to splenda .and went to diet drinks and flavored water that did not have any sugar or even sodium in it. and I also dio walking . but it has hit me hard ,because it seems that it taking forever to get it off,and what is bad my 11 year old looks at me and says he works out so he dose not get fat, so it hard to make him unstand that i was not alwayds heavey.
Read The Gabriel Method. Period. It isn't a diet. It makes sense and it WORKS. It's not an MLM in any way- it's a process and a way to turn your inate fat switch off. Mind and body. Nothing crazy, no prepared meals or profits for prophets. amazon has it. Google: The Gabriel Method. You'll seeeeeeee
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