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Bed sharing isn't deadly, BAD bed sharing practices are

I got a tweet from Mom Logic today that inspired this post.

I think that parents should read it, do some of their own research, and really think about the scare tactics that are going around trying to persuade them from bed sharing.

Sharing a bed (a safe bed) with a responsible, sober, non-smoking, non-drug taking adult (which, really, should be all of us, right??) is a really positive, healthy, and safe experience. It lowers the rates of SIDS, enhances bonding, and enables parents to tend to the needs of their infant in a gentle, less-bothersome way (i.e., they don't have to get out of bed to settle a fussy baby).

Anyway, please pass it along. I want parents who do bed share to know the correct way of doing so and to know they have support out there for doing something that feels right to them.


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