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Today Momlogic reported that Bristol Palin is hoping to set an example for others with her own experience and would now like to become an advocate for preventing teen pregnancy. 18 Year old Palin told FOX news that "everyone should wait 10 years..." and that her mother's view of abstinence, especially in regard to teenagers, is "not realistic at all."

Do you think Bristol Palin is a good role model for teenagers? Is there anything dangerous about having a daughter of a right to life advocate as the poster child for teenage pregnancy?

Tell me your thoughts!

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In today's society when kids are expected to grow up so fast, have adult responsibilities and pressure to perform at higher levels, we can't tell them they aren't adult enough to have sex because we've made them into mini adults.

When I was 13, I was responsible for my sister and the house while my mother and step father worked a 2nd job together. No one could tell me that I didn't have the rights or maturity to have sex. I was lucky then though. I was with semi responsible guy who prevented my getting pregnant.

I wasn't so lucky a few years later. I was with a guy who seemed content to go out without the pressure to have sex, but soon he wanted that privilege too. I gave into the pressure and 6 months later I was pregnant and wanted out of the relationship. We have a 20 year old son. He's wonderful but I know that he would have been better off if we had waited until we were married to have him. Well actually he wouldn't be here at all because I would have never married his father.

The only way we're going to change this trend is to stop being so promiscuous ourselves. If we go back to setting a good example then our kids will know how to act.

I can say this because I watched my mother hop from bed to bed before marriage and I turned out like her for a while. My oldest son was raised in that kind of mind set, he's had early teen sexual encounters too. I hope I can keep the younger two from having those experiences way too early.
I think it is great that she's talking about the unrealistic demand for absinence only. Biologically we want sex alot younger than our culture thinks is right. Another segment of our culture demands you wait until marriage to have sex, well if people are waiting to get married even later then before that adds and extra layer of unrealness. When biology wars with culture biology typically wins the battle. We should accept that alot of teens do have sex and try to keep them very informed on how to prevent disease and pregnancy until they actually want kids.

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