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Broken Engagement: What Would You Do With the Ring?

Everyone was floored when Jason dumped Melissa on national television. Shocked and hurt, Melissa handed him back the ring and stormed off stage.

If your engagement or marriage was over, would YOU give back the ring? Would you sell it? Save it? Flush it down the toilet? Give us the truth, ladies!

Can't get enough of the Bachelor? Check out my one on one interview with Jason where he comes clean about the breakup!

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I mailed my ring back to my ex-fiance -- certified mail. Maybe he used it for the woman he ended up marrying -- he got married in less than a year. But I didn't care -- so did I!
I would def. keep the ring and redesign it!
I'd keep it and have it reset. That, or I'd find him in the dead of night and shove it up his a**.
I gave back the ring, but only because I was the one to break the engagement and it was a family heirloom. If he had purchased the ring or been the one to break the engagement, I would have kept the ring. Then I would have sold it and put a down payment on a house.
I would sell that sh*t and go on a long trip with my BFF. See ya sucker! Neil Lane = CASH!
Well I guess it depends on the situation, but in THIS case I would not have given back the ring ... I'm sure it was paid for by ABC anyway.
If the economy were better and I could get a lot of money for it I would definitely sell it! If I had children, then I would have to keep it. I'm sure it would mean something to them even though I wouldn't want to look at it.
In most instances, if I broke up with him, he would get the ring back.

If he broke up with me or I caught him doing something stupid, like cheating, I would pawn the ring - unless we had kids together, then I would save it for the kids.
i'd give it back like a rash.
When I was in my early twenties, I got engaged to a cute boy I met on a cruise ship. When things didn't work out --and we broke off our engagement, I kept the ring. He never asked for it back, so I kept it! Granted we were young, the diamond was small...and I never wear it...but seeing it in my ring box sometimes reminds me of my that wrong?
I gave it back after the divorce. I guess most people would keep it but for me it was a symbol of the love between us and when he broke that I was crushed beyond words but still knew it wasn't something I wanted to keep since it lost the meaning. I don't think it's something i would pass on to my kids because it is a symbol of vows that were broken, lives that were changed, cheating, lying etc I can remember the good times and share those and in that way keep a positive spin on it. That's just me though:)
Hmmm. If we were only engaged I'd give it back. But divorce- I'd probably keep it and save it for my kids ... They could do whatever they wanted with it...

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