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Nickelodeon - seriously?? Pull your head out and realize that Chris Brown is NOT someone we need our kids glorifying. Your decision to keep him on the Kid's Choice ballot is appalling. Did you read what he allegedly did to Rihanna?!?? This is not a joke. This is real life and kids need to learn that when you commit a crime -- especially when you hit a woman -- there are consequences. He needs therapy, not awards.

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Abuse is horrible and is something that will not be taken lightly ,you are responsible for your actions. Chris did wrong and he shouldn't be allowed any award. I am hopeful that Nickelodeon comes to their senses and tells Chris he need to step down!
I don't keep up with pop music and what the kids are listening to right now because my boys are still too young to have an opinion but, Honestly, this isn't any different than any other musician... I'm not saying I'm right but if you really want you child to boycott music by horrible people then they aren't going to be able to listen to any music at all. Even Amy Grant and Vince Gill had premarital sex, that's not something we want our kids to emulate either.

gosh, Ray Charles wasn't a great husband/boyfriend either
Hank Williams or Hank Williams Jr.
Garth Brooks (he lives only a few towns away with his current and ex wife on the same compound so he can be close to his girls. His first wife was a cow but he shouldn't have cheated on her.)
I know there are more....
Bret Michaels
Kid Rock
Mindy McCready

It's the biz that makes them so nuts that they forget right and wrong. It's up to us to set the boundaries for our kids and stick to them.

Think about this, if your child was friends with a child that was being abused or had parents that were abusive toward each other, would you punish both children by breaking up the friendship? No you would explain to your kid what was wrong in the relationship at an age appropriate level and keep a closer eye on both of them. I'm sure that's what Rhianna's friends are doing for her.

It's sad but if we held all our celebrities to this level, well there wouldn't be an entertainment industry at all. Everyone would be stuck listening to my favorite music, Christian.

I'm not saying Chris was right and I'm not saying Rhianna is nuts for going back but the key word here is alleged. We are not the judge and jury and unfortunately the court of Money is a lot easier to get through than the court of Law.
To be honest I would like to see all media boycott Chris' music. This young man must be sent a strong message that what he did will not be accepted by our society. In doing this, our children will see how wrong Chris was. Otherwise, our children will just see this as acceptable behavior.
Yes Chris Brown should not be on the kids choice awards! In time i think he may change but right now he is not the person i want my kids looking up to.
Maybe they should have withdrawn his nomination after the news of his alleged abuse broke, but, as a society we all need to wake up and admit that entertainers are people first.

Enjoy their music, films, etc. and let their personal lives be just that. Every person has demons. Most just aren't out in the light of day. If everybody was punished for their dark issue, then no awards for anything are warranted. If Chris Brown wins the award it will be because he's an awesome performer.

Parents should take this as an opportunity to instill values and confidence in their own kids, so that they are strong enough to think for themselves and not want to model themselves after a celebrities public, glossy and fake facade.

I heard on the radio today that he pulled out of the awards show, I'm sure he was catching so much grief (deservedly so) that he decided it wasn't worth the effort, but shame on Nickelodeon for not dropping him the minute it happened!

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