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With my first daughter I did not know what a labor pain was for sure especially since they started in the top of my leg. I was scheduled to have a doctor appt. that morning and was already 9 days late. When I did start having contractions I would throw up with every contraction. When we called the doctor office to see if we should go on to the hospital the doctor on call said to come on to my appt. that I probably had a virus. We lived approximately 45 minutes to an hour from the hospital and I started of having contractions every 3 minutes. We had to drive through a Army reservation and every time I had a contraction my husband would mash the gas to the floor and when it would ease up he would let up on the gas. When we finally reached the hospital (not the doctor appt.) they wheeled me up to a broom closet and told me to change my clothes. After a little bit of time I finally mastered that task. And then they put me in the delivery room and gave me the epiderel which slowed her down. It was around 12 noon when my mother came in and ask me if I could hold off having the baby for another 12 hours since her birthday was the next day and I was having her first grandchild. I told her that I did not mean to sound ugly but to get out of the room and about 30 minutes later she was here.
By the time I got to my fifth (yes, fifth!) baby, I felt like I could really manage my labor. I had given birth 4x before with no medication, no epidural, completely natural. I started laboring at 5Pm, and my son was born at 11:30 PM. The difference this time was my age. I was exhausted!!!! His oldest sister is almost 14 years older, and I remember practically dancing out of the delivery room after she was born. Not this time. He was a whopping 9' lbs 1 oz., and it took everything out of me. Having babies is for the young!! Now we have our first grandchild, and seriously, I don't know how I did it, it's so tiring!
I got induced at 3 am with my first son. We had to go through the hospital emergency room entrance to get into the hospital, and someone had to walk us up to the birthing center. I refused any drugs at first. I wanted to do it natural, silly me! My mom and brothers (ages 5 and 6) were in town so them along with the boyfriend's family kept coming and going all day. They gave me Pitocin to start the labor and my contractions were super bad, literally going to the top of the chart. It was horrible. Almost as horrible as the boyfriend watching the monitor and repeatedly saying, "Oh my God, this is going to be a big one!" Because, you know, I couldn't feel it right!

During some point of the labor I got fed up, started getting out of the bed and everyone asked what I was doing. I told them I was going home, that I couldn't do it. The nurses started freaking out telling me I had to do it, I couldn't just leave and be done, that this baby had to come out today.

During the actual delivery, the boyfriend stayed up by my head the whole time. He didn't want to watch, which I was glad. However, since my mom couldn't stay in there with me because she had my little brothers, the boyfriend's mom stayed in there and was really a big huge help. I don't know what I wouldn't have done without her there.

BUT, she had no problem at all being "down there" during the delivery. She was even taking pictures! Now I was going through labor, in pain and not really worried about whatever she was doing.... until it was over and I was pretty mortified!
I sold real estate for 35 years and over those years sold many lots on a lake in Maine. Every Labor Day the camp owners invite our family back for a Lobster Feed. It has grown to be a huge party with their children and grandchildren. Unlike other holidays, I'm out in the fresh air and I don't have to cook. It is my "NO-LABOR DAY"!
My labor day was a long one. It was 4 days before Christmas Day in 2007 & we went in at 6am. They induced me and I started having contractions fairly quickly. I continued contracting on and off and didn't want to get an epidural, but I never would dilate past a 2, so the doctors suggested I try the epidural. After 6 hours, I gave in to the dreaded needle (which I was more afraid of than giving birth...seriously) only to discover that it only took on one side of my body. So I still felt contractions on my right side throughout the day and into the evening. They did give me Stadol at some point, which was quite fun for the brief time I had it...I forgot the pain and laughed a lot (my family and friends laughed a lot at me as well). I still wouldn't dilate beyond a 3 and at around 10pm my doctor suggested a C-Section. I cried and prayed and worried and asked lots of questions, then I said okay. And my baby boy was born straight up at midnight 12/22/2007. He was and is perfect. My labor day (and night) was a long one I will never forget!
I was a week and a half over due with my one and only child. I went to the doctors, which was nextdoor to the hospital, for a check up and they said I was 4cm dialated although I had not had any contractions or pains. They told me if I didn't dialate any more within the next three days, they would induce my labor. In the meantime, I had to go immediately to the hospital nextdoor and have a non stress test done on the baby. It took all of 20 minutes to walk over there, get me assigned to a room and to hook me up to the machine. While laying there, the nurse asked if they checked to see if I had dialated any and I said that they just did that at my doctor's office. They informed me that they would check again and proceeded to do so. Much to our surprise I was now 6cm dialated and fully capable of delivering soon. They then broke my water with a very scary looking knitting needle - type device and the pains quickly followed. I was alone and was desperately trying to call my mom and sister, who were to be in the room with me and managed to finally get ahold of my sister. I was in labor for a short 2 hours and my mom and sister both made it there within 30 minutes of me delivering. Upon the delivery of my son, the doctor snapped his collar bone while pulling him out of me and I bled profusely because I did not have an episiotomy and my 9lb 13oz son tore me inside and out. The nurses kicked my sister out of the room for taking pictures and then they refused to be of assistance to the doctor who was attempting to stitch me up and get the bleeding to stop. Needless to say, the event was not as wonderful as I had hoped and I will never have another child at that facility. But my son is healthy and handsome and that's all that matters.
I had a home birth but I was 10 days past my due date and edgy. I started taking a Castor Oil/Slimfast shake at 9am and started labor pains about 4hours later. We had filled up a blow up pool with water to have a waterbirth. My mom was my midwife it was just her and I with my husband on the telephone (out of country on business). I'll never forget my Mom coming in and checking how far I was dilated and her saying...."What in the world is that"! Trust me not the words you want to hear. "That", ended up being my daughter's head. My Mom was thrown by the blond hair. I gave birth to my daughter at 9:08pm. We still give my Mom a hard time about that.
My " labor day" is one for all the adoptive moms out there who think they never will experence "labor". First of all consider that a myth!
I had went through the process of getting on the adoption list,being told how long it could take to get a child (let alone a healthy baby) then, waiting, buying baby clothes no matter what the odds were of actually getting an infant, preparing the room for whatever sex we did get, then more waiting, tears on top of waiting, and meeting the foster parents as well as attending meetings on adoption/ fostering children. It felt like a punishment for not being able to conceive at first, until I met the love of my life, my little darling baby girl at the age of nine months. All the pain of not being able to have actual labor went away.
I say, I did go through "labor" although it was not physical, it was more emotional then anything else.
I would do it all over again too.
Meeting your child for the first time no matter what the age is, is a blessing all alone. Today, my little four year old is a healthy, thriving child.
The adoption experiance is so fulfilling in so many ways, I feel as if it is a blessing that I received such a wonderful child. To keep in mind, it was a labor... a labor of love.
Adoption is a beautiful gift!

Author: Charlotte Tersigni
I went into premature labor with my last child while I was at work. A coworker said he was too busy to go to the ER in our hospital to draw blood from a patient and asked me to go. While I had a needle in my patient's arm, my water broke - 6 weeks early! My little guy was born that next morning and didn't even weigh 5 pounds. I knew he was my last, and opted for an epidural instead of natural like with my first two. (WHAT WAS I THINKING with those two???) We went home after he spent 11 days in NICU and he's now a happy, VERY energetic five-year-old.

And the coworker who sent me to the ER? He thinks that he caused my premature labor because he wouldn't go work. I still hold it over his head, even though I know that had nothing to do with it!! :-)
My labor day was pretty special. Of course, the day each of my children was born was special, but this last one was uniquely special. I have two children, Aimee who is 30 and Anthony, who is 25 from my first marriage. I remarried at 40 and, long story short, I was pregnant at 45. My older kids were very active participants. My daughter threw my baby shower and my son, who was always the baby, couldn't wait to have someone else be the baby. Because of my age and being past my due date, my doctor decided to induce. It was like a party in my labor room. My husband was with me and both of my children were there the entire day. When "our" baby was born, my daughter was right beside my husband encouring me and cheering me on! My obstetrician and midwife became part of the family that day - she couldn't get over my having two grown children in there with me. To this day, my husband and daughter both say watching the baby come was the most awesome thing they ever witnessed and what a great day it was - it was great, except for the fact that I was pushing and vomiting simultaneously. My son left the room right before I delivered, but was back in with me immediately after. They were the first people besides my husband and I to hold the baby right after he was born. After my delivery, we spent the rest of the night together in my hospital room with the baby. Its hard to put into words how special it was to have my daughter and son there with me. It was truly a family affair!
Had to be induced with both births!

With my last, and 4th child, I knew what labor pains felt like. So, when they started coming around midnight pretty regularly, I knew it was time to get the kids up and moving. We took my son to a friend's house. Unfortunately, they live on a dirt road and it was a bumpy ride. When we got to her house I couldn't get out of the van or even talk to her! I had called the hospital to tell them we were on our way and to have an anesthesiologist on hand. They kind of poo-pooed me. I knew I wanted an epidural since the middle two I'd missed out. We live about 25 mintues from the hospital. We were about 5 minutes away when we hit road construction! We had no idea what road to take. I called the hospital to ask for directions but could barely speak because I was in so much pain. The nurse gave us directions and again I told her to get that anesthesiologist to my room because I wanted to feel nothing below the waist! We rolled up to the hospital and they offered me a wheelchair. I almost said, "no" but decided, with 3 other kids at home I was going to be taken care of for the next couple of days. They wheeled me towards my room and as I went past the nurses desk I again called out for the anesthesiologist. They all just laughed. My nurse asked me to head to the bathroom and boom a huge contraction hit. I barely made it to the bathroom without crawling. When I came out she checked me and gave me the lovely news that I was dialated to a 10!!! TEN! I was so upset because I wanted to be pain free this time. I could NOT believe it.
I had brought my 2 daughters with me because I thought they'd love to be a part of the whole thing. My girlfriend who was supposed to come to be with them was too far away and my labor too fast for her to get there on time. I ended up having an emergency room doctor come in to deliver my little guy. The girls ended up with a birds-eye view. I did ask them between pain-filled contractions if they wanted to move back towards my head and neither of them did.

Well, my little guy made his way into the world about 1/2 an hour after we arrived at the hospital! That was a seriously close call. I joked around that we could've had him in the van! My doctor showed up several hours later to check us both out. Can I honestly say I miss being pregnant! :)

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