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When was your child diagnosed with ADHD? How do you help your child to cope in school?

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Yes both of my DDs. But my main Worry was the oldest now 15 was diagnosed at an early age but wasnt on meds until 9yrs which was the wrong med then We changed and adjusted from there on out. She has done okay in school. But has always had difficulties feeling like she belongs in the class. She isnt to social, likes minor communication with schoolmates, most of them get on her nerves. She keeps to herself. Loves reading, drawing etc. Not good at organizing and nothing really worked. Now a days she is Cleaning her room, staying on track with chores, schoolwork, talks when she wants to with others. She struggles with Math though. This was her first year back at a physical school it is a charter art school 7-12. She managed to get an average of A all year even with the F in math. She MADE HONOR ROLL. I am so proud of her. I never push her to to things she wasnt comfortable with, we talk, go to therapies, fought for her rights, talked to teachers, be open and honest. I listen! Oh and she has mood disorder too.
My daughter was diagnosed with a mild form of ADHD and also dyspraxia at the same time. At current time she is not takiing any meds because her pediatrician doesn't feel it is necessary because she is making straight A's in school and her teacher says sometimes she sees it sometimes she doesn't. I am not sure what will happen later but for now I am following the pediatricians reccomendation.
My son was diagnosed at the end of third grade. His 3rd grade teacher decided that he was mentally retarded and wanted him placed in the "special" class! The school psychologist tested him and called me in for a conference.The teacher sat there with this smug attitude and began telling the Doc what needed to be done! He said" whoa, whoa, this is MY meeting, and YOU are here to listen." (loved this man) He then said, " This child is in no way mentally handicapped, in fact, his IQ is near genius!" That teachers jaw hit the floor. I am sitting there grinning like a cheshire cat because I knew how smart this boy was! Anyone who had ever taken the time to have a conversation with him knew that. He did have ADHD. The Doc then laid into that teacher with a vengence because she had not tried to teach him, just sat him in the back of the class with a coloring book. I had MANY meetings with this woman asking why he never brought any work home, and she kept assuring that he was "fine!." He had to repeat 3rd grade because of her incompetence. Sadly, things did not get much better until high school. The school did next to nothing to help him, in fact, the principal of the elem school told me to accept the fact that he would never "make it" in high school and I needed to accept that fact. I told her he would drop out over my dead body! ROTC was his salvation. The structure suited him to a tee, and he rose to the highest rank attainable. He graduated as the most highly decorated cadet in the schools history.This carried over into his other studies and he DID graduate! Structure is the key. You will have to be very involved in your childs education right until the day they get that diploma. NEVER give up! Most kids with ADHD are extremely intelligent they just need to find the way to learn that works for them. Best of luck on your journey.

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