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If your child entered kindergarten this year (or any year before), how was his/her experience? Do you have tips for other moms who are now helping their children prepare to start school?

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My daughter was in kindergarten this year. I honestly thought that she would be behind and have to take it again because of her speech and language delay. However, she has done nothing but excel this year and I'm so proud of her. She absolutely loved her class, her teacher and being able to make friends. She is very excited that she has learned to spell and read short words and has learned not only how to spell her name but everyone in our family's names also. The one thing I need to work on and the teachers ask all the parents to work on with their kids is tying shoes. She would rather wear slip on shoes than sit down with me and learn to tie them. My son had no problem and learned that when he was 4 but she just wants nothing to do with that so I recommend working on shoe tying. Also, I feel it's very important that any child leaving the house and going to school on a daily basis should know their home phone number and how to deal with strangers. I know that in kindergarten parents take their children to school or they ride a bus but I know that schools aren't always able to protect from people walking on their campuses so I find that to be something that I talk with all my children about when they'll be away from me. I hope this helps and I look forward to what other parents suggest also.

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