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Whether you're willing to accept it or not, becoming a parent changes you in some way. Even celebrities are admitting to the "change."

Matt Damon told Parade that he's probably more boring than he used to be, since he goes to bed earlier and gets up earlier. "I think being a parent changes everything about you in really little ways
and in ways that you don't really understand unless you have kids," he says. "It's kind of like describing a guitar chord -- it's not really a simple thing to do."

Vin Diesel says becoming father to Hania Riley last April has changed his life in an "incredible way."

Even the perfectly perfect Gywneth Paltrow feels the change, claiming that parenthood has changed her DNA! “Motherhood has changed me in every way. It changed everything from my DNA on up,” she reveals to OK! magazine. “My perspective is so much different and the way I spend my day is different.”


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i actually wrote an essay on this and it got published in a book! in my case, motherhood didn't changed me at all. i still smell the same, kiss the same, and my hairdresser's still dating the wrong guy. My husbands jokes? still not funny. My meatloaf? still stinks. So when that little noodle shoots our of your privates, you become, well...still you.
no "poof," no mom fairy dust...just. you.
Motherhood changed me a lot. I was a very laid back and didn't really worry about the future until I had my oldest. I was still kinda laid back about his eating schedule, sleeping schedule but with these younger two... I went from go with the flow to "interrupt my schedule and die!!!!" Seriously, I have to keep them on schedule or my whole day is just so off kilter I can't concentrate.
Thank you sugar mama!! I totally agree with you, and I didn't think anyone else out there felt the same way! I feel like neither myself, nor my friends (Those whom I knew before babies and still keep in touch with) didn't change at all. The cautious, rule-abiding friend is overly-cautious with her kids, and follows all the rules the baby books provide. The gal who was always the ring leader of all the mischief-making is still at it. And it is no surprise that her house is the favorite among the kids for sleepovers! It's where all the fun happens! As for me... I don't have a very objective viewpoint, but I think I am the same girl I always was... I have more responsibilities, more love, more frustrations, and a busier calendar, but I deal with it all the same way I always have. I make a to-do list, grab a friend and a cup of coffee or wine, and it all comes out alright in the end.
I certainly get less good sleep. It's a lot harder to do things at the drop of a pin and you have to be more choosy about where you go.
I think all the skills I have that would qualify as "motherly" became accentuated when I became a mother. I used to be organized and now I am super organized. I used to be fairly clean, and now I clean clean clean. I used to be a good listener, now I am a good listener, watcher, smeller...hah! And I am definitely more tired..must be the heightened skill set ;-)
I think that motherhood hasn't changed my personality...however, it has definetly changed my lifestyle. I now go to bed much earlier than I used to. I also treasure sleep. I think that sleep is a gift from god! I think that motherhood has mellowed me to the point of being a better, more efficient, more stretchmarked version of me!
Aside from the fact that I have no problems talking about poop, snotty noses or vajayjay-related issues and that my midsection just isn't what it was before kids, I think it's safe to say that I'm still the same ole me.

I think motherhood just made me a bit more patient, less modest when it comes to certain things and more laid back in some respects.
So true Sugar Mama,your still the same person ,the only change is, your responsible for that beautiful baby,some people say till 18 and I say for the rest of your life.
WOW...since my oldest is 19, I can tell you how I feel the pain everyday....but wouldn't change a thing. Parenting has changed how I look at everything in life. I would vision things with one blind eye LOL, but now I look at everything clearly. How is this going to change my kids, how is that going to hurt their future. ..what have I done in life that is hurting/harming them now?

I believe my spiritual foundation has helped me get through the latter years. I never paid attention to how much my kids were paying attention to me, until I saw their lives mimic mine....and I was devastated...I started to pray more, live right and show them that you can go a wrong way once..then you have to get on track..period.

As a parent our lives change everyday. We just have to stay two steps ahead of the devil.
I have definitely become more patient. I don't cuss like I used to and I definitely don't do it in front of my boys. Gotten closer to my God for sure.

I used to be a really easygoing quiet person and my biggest motherhood change is how outspoken I have become. I don't take people's crap anymore. I'm still quiet but if someone crosses me or my kids the wrong way, I'm not shy to open my mouth and tell them about it.

In short, I've learned to simplify my life. Things I thought were sooo important before my children I now realise are not so important anymore...Life is short...enjoy it and simplify it.
Everything I said my toddler would never do, she has done, and motherhood has totally changed my way of thinking how I would raise my child.
I'm going to Disney World this summer with the in-laws. She asked me if we should look into getting Baylee a harness thingy. I was appauled, "What! NO WAY!" Then she almost ran out into the middle of the road this weekend and now I'm giving it a second thought.
Changes everyday!
I think Autismhood lol has changed me more then motherhood. I am more patient with things, more understanding. I dont take thigns for granted like I use to

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