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OK. I know that it happens in other cultures ... and I am certainly not one to judge. But COME ON. Making a bolognese out of your placenta and scarfing it down over pasta?? THAT IS RIDICULOUS. I can't be the only one who is TOTALLY DISGUSTED by this

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I know these girls and they are fabulous. I have to say I wouldn't personally do it but I don't judge those who do.
I don't judge but the pictures did make me gag a little.
It was a little different, however some choose to eat cow tongue and tripe or pigs feet...and remember that show 'Fear Factor'? Every ookely thing they ate on that show was considered a 'delicacy' somewhere in the world... Cave Dwelling Spiders, oozy bugs and numerous 'phallic' items and more...

And most of us eat eggs, and we all know where THOSE come from! ;)

Alethea Anderson
WAHM Blogger
I'd never do it myself but honestly I can't say I'm surprised or disgusted. Many people do it. I see no problem doing so. It is just a piece of meat.
I'm with you completely disgusting!
I am totally amazed at how people justify these grotesque, unnatural acts. Sounds like something a dog would do, not people. It's a human organ with human blood for God's sake. Cannibalism???
mine was encapsulated after it was dehydrated. its still in my freezer! i dont have the guts to eat raw placenta though. but i am very grateful for pbi
omg that is disquisting eww
I'm with you glamorous1. It made me want to throw up looking at the pics.
I'd like to have seen the look on my OB's face if I had asked them to save the placenta, so I could bring it home and eat it...LOL
I have 12 children and when I had # 6 my midwife told me many people make protein shakes from their placenta.UGH To each their own, but people please remember WE ARE NOT DOGS, we are humans. By the way that was 17 years ago.

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