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Yesterday, we reported that LeAnn Rimes is having an affair with her TV movie co-star, Eddie Cibrian. Rimes, who wed her husband seven years ago when she was just 19, was allegedly seen holding hands and kissing the married Cibrian, who has two sons, ages 5 and 23 months.

Does the fact that Rimes got married at such a young age contribute to the situation, or are you just disgusted that Cibrian is a married dad of two cheating with his young co-star ?

Share your thoughts!

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Much more shameful that she cheated (if she indeed cheated). I think there is no excuse for cheating.
There's nothing wrong with the age she got married - I moved in with my husband when I was 17, we had our first daughter when I was 20 and got married when I was 21. It's the cheating that's shameful, but it doesn't surprise me - I was in middle school with her before she was famous, and she wasn't a nice person then - my best friend was also on a softball team with her, and she wasn't a nice person there, either!
She & I share the same wedding anniversary - 2/23/02.

Anyway, it's not the age of when she got married that irks me, it's the fact that THEY ARE BOTH CHEATING on their spouses. It takes two to tango.
TBH, if I was Eddie, I'd be hitting it too...

Okay, seriously now. If they are attracted to each other, why not? The flipside is what it will do their respective marriages and what it will do to the kids.
Ok, I dont know what happened, of course, I wasnt there. But to reply to the question: I do think she married too young. I dont believe we know ourselves well enough at the age of 19 to make a good decision on a life partner. But age is never the actual issue... Cibrian is no better nor worse than Rimes, they are 2 ppl that (if they've cheated)made this mistake together! Having said that, I hate cheating. It destroys more than the relationship.
I used to be a big fan, she's always had a great voice but have lost interest over the years. I am disgusted that she cheated with a married man! There's so many men out there if she wanted to cheat, she should've picked a single man! But then again why doesn't she get a divorce if she's not happy with what she's got?
hey guys,
marriage is never to be taken lightly, a fact people in the showbiz world seem to be taking for granted.
wether you re married at 19 or 90 gives no licence for cheating so i dont think age has anything to do with it, rather its a testament to the general moral decadence.
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