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When the topic of the "mom crush" came up in a momlogic meeting, we were shocked to learn that not only do some of the moms fantasize about boys' their kids' ages, most of us have mom crushes on other girls!

Tell us ... who are you crushing on?

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I'm quite partial to Josh Hartnett of Lost. For the geek factor, I like Steve Carrell of the Office.
Johnny Depp, Bono, and Jonathan Rhys Myers
so many names so little time to post. Tom Selleck, Tom Silva, Harrison Ford, Tom Welling, Tommy Lee Jones, Mark Harmon, I could go on and on.

FYI my husband cultivates these fantasies for me because he knows I'll be more interested in "special time" with him later in the day. He also makes extra effort to bring home comical romances or romance thrillers for me to read to improve our daily average.

When I dream of these characters, movies, shows, it may be the dream guy's voice and actions but it's always my husband's face and body in the costume. He loves hearing that.
Matthew McConaughey! He is Hottest! And the only one I drool over, just ask my husband!
I have a total mom crush on celebrity moms that looks so effortlessly chic and put together! No matter how many children they have (hello...Angelina!) they still look like they haven't lost an hour of sleep!
oh I would have to say Mathew McConaughey def. but not just for his looks. I think he would be great to hang out with. My geek factor would have to be Pauli Shore (don't know how to spell it) and I def think jennifer aniston is super hot
hmm well of course Hugh Laurie ,Patrick Dempsey,oh that cute nerdy dr guy on criminal minds! ohhh what`s his name?! help me..
maryann ♥
I have the hots for Benjamin Mackenzie!!! Now that's a real hottie!!!
I have a crush on Rick Ross, Ice Cube, Young Jeezy, Johnny Depp, and Cole Hauser.
Oh dear. Now everyone will know how odd my tastes are. Gene Wilder, Johnny Depp and Dennis Hopper make my little heart flutter. Oh. And don't forget David Bowie and Bob Dylan.
Are there are any more? Oh yes, Owen Wilson.
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