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My Vegetarian Son Was Served Hot Dogs on a Play Date...and I'm Mad as Hell!!!

Even though I am always very clear that my son does not eat red meat, he was served a beef hot dog on a play date.

When his friend's mom made him the hot dog, my 6-year-old said, "I'm not allowed to eat meat. I only eat veggie dogs."

You'll never guess the RUDE response the mom gave!

Am I wrong for feeling pissed off and disrespected?

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Deal with will go on and he will have more incidents like this. Yes you were rude-you made a life choice-it was your responsiblity to make sure your son was properly fed. If you want him to go on play dates-pack a lunch. You cannot expect people to cater to you-it is your choice.
I agree with Amy 100%.
Sorry, but I have to agree with Amy too. My kids don't eat certain things either but when they go to parties, I plan ahead. I wish it was easier but it's not. Like Amy said, you can't expect everyone to cater to you. Even if it was deliberate. Unfortunately.
Call me too understanding....btu i woudl've been ticked to. You informed her and she disrepected your wishes....Unless, she didn't know it was red meat.....
I too agree with amy. Put yourself in other person's place and see how you feel about the situation. If its a food allergy it is totally your responsibility to proved something appropriate for him to eat. If its a personal decision, well what does he do at school? At our schools it takes an act of congress to get an item not served to our kids with an allergy. You have to have a doctors statement saying there is a serious allergy.
If you pack a lunch, then this won't happen. It shows respect for the person opening her home to your child, and also gives her options that will make you and your child happy. Win-win!
I agree too with Suzanne here as far as how to avoid it. Win win is right. However, i had told my bf not to give my son candy and she did behind my back and thought it was funny. Now this is just candy, not a veg belief. I was mad as hell too. Course this happened at my house but I know what it is like to have your feelings disrespected.
I would probalby be a bit upset myself, espically if you were very clear about his eating habits. BUT it's just a's not gonna kill him, As far as her rude response, there's no need for rudeness!
I personally wouldn't go out and buy Vegetarian food for anyone, if that;s what they want/need they should bring it with them.....
I hope you do not get offended but You are a Vegetarian. You aren't giving your child the choice to make that decision for himself. What are your reasons for becoming a Vegetarian? Were you raised this way? Your child was in the care of another adult and if they do not have " veggie" dogs, he obviously is not going to eat them. You should also be glad that they did not let your child go with out eating. WOuld you still have been mad as h***** too? Is your child not eating red meat for health reasons? I am pretty sure you know that red meat has a certain vitamin in it that you can't get from anything else. Calm down. That is probably not the only time he has had meat but it might not be the last. Next time, pack your son's meal. then you know EXACTLY what he will be eating.
You are so overeacting. Your son would not perish due to a bite of hotdog. It's your choice not to eat meat and personally I don't think you should push your beliefs onto your children. I think your blog and feeling are extremely selfish. I'm sure that mom was only doing the best she could and her response was not rude at all. I think you were rude for getting so bent out of shape about it.
How did your son come to the conclusion that redmeat and meat in general was bad for him? Sounds like your pushing your beliefs on your son. But whatever diffrent strokes for diffrent folks. I feel bad for your sons friends that have to come over and eat flavored turds since there is no meat allowed in your house. NAZI.

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