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When your children get sick of the standard peanut butter and jelly lunch, what other healthy meals do you pack for them for school? Do you have trouble getting them to eat healthy foods?

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Have you ever tried to buy them some lunchables, to see if they like it?
One of my kids is on good manners medicine so we keep his calorie as high as possible to get him to gain weight. For lunch around here we have:
Turkey Bologna (one likes cheese the other does not)
grilled cheese
chicken or turkey nuggets
fish sticks
steak strips
mini burgers
for veggies: My kids love to dip so I always include their favorite veggie and fruit with a dipping medium, peanut butter, cheese spread, salad dressing or cottage cheese.
I also include cookies or chips because they just need junk food when they're playing hard.
Drinks are juices, sports drinks, or kool-aid singles and water so they have a choice of just water or not just water. If we have milk it has protein powder in it.

Active kids need more calories. If you're sending them to some place then you know they are going to be more active than if they were home.
my oldest won't even eat sandwiches! I get up EARLY, make him a hot lunch (pasta, quesadilla) and wrap it tightly to stay warm. and then no afternoon snack until he's eaten his apple/carrots.
Kids love "shapes" and "minis" have you ever tried making healthy snacks into fun foods? Celery with peanutbutter and raisins on top, cut healthy meats (without nitrites and nitrates in them) and cheeses with cookie cutters and then cut the bread to match and let them build their own sandwich. Sometimes just putting a little love note in their lunch box from mommie can be comfort food enough so that they will eat what you pack. Also, I have noticed that when my son helps make and pack his own lunch, it gives him pride so that he will want to eat it! Good luck! Imagination is half the battle!
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