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Is Miss CA being persecuted for her opinions, or should she lose her crown because of the nude pics? It seems everyone has an opinion -- what's yours?

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YES she should lose her crown/title. Why? For four reasons: 1) she violated her contract by working for a PAC (NOM in this case); 2) she lied in her contract/application about posing nude; 3) she has not made herself available to the pageant organization and has not openly communicated with them; and 4) the most important reason - she exposed herself as a hypocrit by claiming to be moral and pious when defending her answer to the SSM question, while she knew she had posed for semi-nude photos and lied about it.
4 reasons she should take this crown and shove it.
1. She has got all she can from little Miss USA and now she can go on to great success!!!
2. I would like to see someone fire Donald Trump because he is an super-ego over inflated dildo.
3. She has something very few in these circles will ever have.. morals and integrity. All they can do is
throw stones at her while they try to act like no one should throw stones... utterly confused people.
4. People like J Overton are complete and utter idiots who know nothing but their own miserable bitterness.

J Overton said:
YES she should lose her crown/title. Why? For four reasons: 1) she violated her contract by working for a PAC (NOM in this case); 2) she lied in her contract/application about posing nude; 3) she has not made herself available to the pageant organization and has not openly communicated with them; and 4) the most important reason - she exposed herself as a hypocrit by claiming to be moral and pious when defending her answer to the SSM question, while she knew she had posed for semi-nude photos and lied about it.
Miss California has a contract with the the Miss California pageant she is not full filling those duties and they are within their right to yank the contract. The fact that she did not disclose the inappropriate pictures only further complicates the issue. There has to be guidelines and if they are not met it skews the results. It is not fair to the young women who were disqualified for telling the truth and disclosing. Carrie Prejean made a decision to pose for these pictures and needs to learn there are consequences for poor decisions. She felt it was right for her to advance her career as a model/actress. I really don't feel that God would really approve of the sexual nature of the pictures or the pageant for that matter. Carrie should really do the right thing and just resign. As far as the Question that she answered in the Miss USA pageant Perez Hilton had no way of knowing who would get that question and it was fair to ask due to this being in the forefront in California. Carrie is entitled to her opinion but this is also my country and there are 5 states that have same sex marriage and more are considering it. Carrie your religious beliefs want others to believe that gay marriage will destroy the sanctity of marriage, news flash divorce is what is destroying your perception of marriage. It is the only on Sunday mentality that has turned me away from organized religion.
It is dangerous to speak for God. God told you? How do you know? Did you test the spirits or are you making statements of what you perceive based on your teachings and past (which may not be truth!). How foolish to call someone or something evil when we ourselves are so full of sin. We lie, are proud, selfish, we perceive ourselves to be better than others. Let's face it, we stink at being whole and pure. Only God is.
With that said....Ms. California spoke up for what she believed about marriage....not what I should believe, but what she believed. Looking at her photos, her life....let God judge her true spirit. I for one am disgusted that one should "speak for God" and call others "evil". Pharisees are righteous, but they don't see themselves as God sees them....perverted in their own ways. My mantra: You disobey, you pay. Miss California, you're fired!! May you look inside yourself, may you seek truth about a real relationship with God that will bring out His virtues through you, and may you speak as God speaks, hear with His ears, and listen....always listen. It is not about you. It is about HIM. Glorify Him in your body.
I think everybody needs to leave her past behind her. the pictures are not hurting anybody, she was asked a question and answered it. leave her alone and give her a chance.
When she entered the running for the pageant, she knew she had taken “semi-nude photo” before she was in the top ten selection she knew she had taken “semi-nude photo” , when she was standing there waiting for her name to be called she knew she had taken “semi-nude photo”…can we say Vanessa Williams..give me a brake..give up the crown and move on. She not been persecuted, she is being revealed…oh that semi already happened.
I have a few thoughts:

Vanessa Williams lost her title for nude photos, how is this girl any different? I don't believe in being judgemental but I do believe in following rules.

I know that mistakes can be made, a person is young and not thinking, as in Vanessa Williams case, but Vanessa didn't take the issue as far as this girl and her mom are. She dealt with the consequences of her actions like an adult and in the end made a good career and name for herself.

I didn't watch the Miss USA Padgett so I can't say that this girl did or did not truly defend marriage so same sex marriage, as I believe others are saying she did, but if she truly did and this is a reason for her loosing her crown, then no she shouldn't loose it. If someone can't accept her being pro-marriage that is their problem. But I don't think as a Christian, she and her mom should be acting as they are. Defend your beliefs and stop there, even if that means giving something up. Many, even in the bible, have given up possessions, and titles, for God and their Christianity.

I'm a bit confused on how it is she, and her mom, are claiming she is a such Christian despite the fact she had nude photos taken? As a Christian woman I don't agree that these types of actions (posing nude for photographs) are appropriate as a Christian example. But there again that is between her and God. BUT like I said above if it goes against the rules, she needs to be held accountable for going against the rules and if that means loosing her title then so be it.

Shoot me down for saying this but I don't believe in same-sex marriages and never will. It goes against God, and says so in the bible. I won't judge someone for doing so as that is between them and God, but I will not support it.

Lastly, I have to ask, who keeps referring to God as "she" or am I reading incorrectly?
I really hate to jump on this Ms.California band wagon of drama, granted Ms. Cali gave HER opinion she was asked...she answered sorry if Perez didn't like her answer. (that's what kicked all of this drama off in the first place). Secondly her photos are out there...many years ago Vanessa Williams was removed from her role as Mrs. America (?) because of "racy" photos but let admit it the pagent has become much more laxed since then...(i.e. the young lady who was caught doing drugs or alcohol-sorry I didn't really follow the story but she was given a chance at rehab and NOT have a crown removed. LET IT GO! If you want to change the way the pagent and the committee members (Mr. Trump and crew) run their program take it up with them. The question should be did she LIE "if" that is one of the SPECIFIC questions then yes take the crown and MOVE ON!! Please!
I believe our country has forgotten the mandates found in our Preamble, and constitution in favor of what is "Politically Correct". I am appalled at the response against Miss CA- she has every right to her opinion, and by the way it is biblically supported- she has notheing to fear for speaking her mind and uttering the non pc truths that agree with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God Bless her and may more Americans speak their minds against the PC communites- have faith and persevere.
This is bs! Why do they "compete" in minimal bikinis? So what about to pics, nothing was shown. There is much worse out there.....

Perez Hilton is a jerk! She was right with her answer.
I think Carrie should NOT lose her crown. All this picture controversy came out only after she answered the question about same sex marriage politically incorrect. Well good for her!!!!! I support her view 100%. Go Carrie! I appreciate and respect Mr. Trump for his decision it was the right one. Why were the pictures and the volunteer or charities not closer scrutinized by the pageant committee before the Miss California Pageant? Because it wasn't an issue. Only until she chose to go against popular opinion did this happen.

I am disappointed that Carrie has agreed not to speak out against same sex marriage. What a bunch of little whiners! She should be able to excercise her freedom of speech that Our Brave Men and Women have and still are fighting to keep. I would think that the Pageant and Mr. Trump should re-evaluate and better screen the judges they allow on the Pageants and censor them from excercising their political agenda on the pageants. What a concept! Press On Carrie! Keep fighting the good fight of Faith! You are a Champion! An Overcomer! and you cannot be defeated!
I would have answered judge# 8 with a striaght foward response. I was raised that marriage is between Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve!! Now, remember Judge# 8 asked her opinion, NOT for her to answer it the way HE and the Radical left gay community wanted to hear!!

Not, all gays are of that group, but there are a radical group who have an agenda to push their lifestyles on the rest of us! I say " StAY IN THE CLOSET! That is just one OG'S (old guy's) opinion! You can agree or disagree, it's still OK in America to have debate over an issue.

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