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Any ideals, suggestions, or comments is greatly appreciated. My son is 2 1/2 years old. He tells me "pee pee" and touches the back of his pants. Please be nice. I am 37 years old and he is my first child. Thank you for your time and patience.

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Be patient...he will let you know. I used M&M's as a reward 1 for pee and 2 for poo and this worked very well. I kept them on the bathroom counter in a see thru container, so he knew if he did his business he would get a reward. Use his favorite candy, M&M's, Skittles, Reeses Pieces...good luck!!
rewards work great.

I also set a timer and just took my boys to sit on the potty every time it went off and if by some miracle they went while on there I would give them the reward. I also took my boys to sit on the potty every time I went and my husband took them to stand up every time he did. Between all the exposure, it took G-man a long time to get the picture but, Tiger picked it up really quick.

Be consistent and you'll have it done really fast.
Hi, Kristie. I have a boy six and a girl 17. With my daughter I was very lucky. One day she told me No more diapers. I told her whell you know what to do and pointed to the potty. That was after trying for weeks to just try to get her to sit on the potty. We did have a book that we read with her about a potty for a coupple of month. She was about 2 1/2..Don't give yourself a hardtime. Remember your son is still young. Boys are mosly always late. You could go to the site and find some good tips about potty training even charts to download with a favorite caracter like Elmo. My son is still not potty trained but he has severe special needs and for him we reward him with a star on his hands with a dry eraser marker because thats what he loves. But completely ignore accidents and just remind him big boys do poo pee and pee pee on the potty.
Praise, praise, praise. When he shows he needs to go potty (no. 1 or 2), have the potty ready (any part of the house you choose). When he sits on the potty, give him a book or something that will occupy him while being there. After a short time, he will either stand up and say 'potty'! If not, you stand him up to check the situation. If you see anything at all.. stand him up, you point and praise the heck out of what he just accomplished.

Doing this, he will be so happy about doing something that makes Mommy (or Daddy) so happy and proud that it makes he will be more than likely to repeat it. If not, keep it up and soon your Son will be potty trained.

Mine were trained by 16 mos.

Hope this helps.
I concur with the timer and reward and suggest putting some Cheerios cereal in the toilet as targets. I just suggested that on another topic and feel like a broken record, lol. But little boys do enjoy peeing on "stuff" so it helps.

Good luck!
Stuck in the potty-training trenches? Read Nadine's hilarious blog about
battling this bathroom war (watch videos, and participate in discussions
Hi kristie, you've properly mastered the potty training already and I hope everythings going really well for you and your son.. but if you haven't or anyone else having trouble you might want to check out this book for potty training your child just click on the following link,

The book will help you potty train your child in 5 hours of following the steps in the book!!

Good luck girls :)
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