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Vermont is getting attention for trying to legalize risque text messages for kids as young as 13.
What do YOU think?

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No! This makes me sick!
No Way!!!
Yes it should be made legal. Kids should not be punished for their entire lives and labeled as sex offenders for taking nude photos of themselves. The whole concept of charging a teen as a sex offender and locking them up in juvie for photographing themselves is just irrdiculous, a waste of tax payer dollars, and goes to show just how backwards peoples priorities are.
I think the problem I have with this is that kids will be kids and maybe they don't need to have a cell phone until they are mature enough to realize the dangers associated with it. Even adults have no problem posting risque pic's on myspace, facebook and the other social networks without regard to the fact that with a click of a button they can be all over the internet. it's seen as cool to post very graphic pics and videos and while there's an age disclaimer I have yet to understand just how the computer could possibly know if your 6 or 60. Then of course there's the media who sensationalizes everything that is even a little outside the box and the grander it seems to be or the more attention it seems to get (attention = popularity..doesn't it?) then the more likely the kids are going to want to participate. Our society has really gotten kind of wacked out, as technology continues to grow, we just have to be sure to teach our kids by example what is appropriate and hopefully they'll get the message. I agree with Bec though, as upset as you might be over this whole issue it is wrong to label them as sex offenders. This will ruin the rest of their lives, just because they're being a kid!
I'm from Vermont and I was surprised to see that we were trying to legalize sexting. Although I don't agree that it should be a criminal sex offender offense, I also don't agree that it should be legal. There must be some "in between" stage that it could be counted as.
I think a 43 year old being labeled as a sex offender because they sent their boy/girlfriend a nude photo when they were 16 is ridiculous.
I just don't think that kids should be labeled as sex offenders for the rest of their lives over something as stupid as sexting. I honestly think sexting should be dealt with by parents, not the government. It seems that a lot of parenting processes are taken over by the government. Why don't we allow parents to actually, I don't know, parent their children.
NO! ( IT'S ACTUALLY AGAINST LAW)! We or lets say some (mommies) are afraid if this is a law it may implicate, them if their children are subject to this kind of public humiliation.
The truth is this is a type of pornography , and it is illegal for under age children to engage in porn ~~~ simple.
The question is ,what are we ~ as responsibly citizens, willing to do?

Moreover, are we wiling to take a risk to change, and or implement a new law at our children’s expense? Mommies, the good news is under age children can not become implicate publicly. Therefore, mommies can go after, the servers. Or take the high road, and talk about how we as responsibility; citizen can create a new law, Its about choices….
WTF is up with Vermont?!? Are they nuts or just plain stupid?!? Well I know one thing, I'm DEFINITELY never moving to Vermont! I think they should do away with texting altogether. But what do I know? I grew up in the times when phones were meant for talking not typing.
I don't believe they should be labeled as sex offenders for the rest of their lives, but I do believe there should be some sort of consequence.
I agree that kids shouldn't be labeled as sex-offenders for sexting, but I don't think that legalizing it is the answer either.
NO!!!NO!!!NO!!!, what the heck's happening to this world, it's DECAYING!!! I just found out my sweet twenty one year daughter just had a baby with a male prostitute and wonderful (not) guy, and she's going to raise her baby around this wonderful (not) guy. What's she going to tell him his daddy's does for a living? Get a grip people, soon! It all start with this sex oriented crap! Were's the sacredness of valuing and respecting ourselves????
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