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Momlogic just posted this open letter from Rihanna from two single moms.

I couldn't agree more. Yes, I know she's young, but she needs to realize that her actions not only affect her, but millions of young fans. Not that she has to live her life for her fans.. but COME ON. Her father reportedly agrees with her actions, her friends are standing by her ... Seriously. WTF. It just shows that no matter your fame, wealth and beauty, women still believe they deserve to be treated like crap.

Am I crazy -- or should she have taken him back??

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NO, SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE TAKEN THIS JERK BACK! It sends a horrible message to young girls everywhere ... plus, she deserves so much better! No one deserves to be treated this way. If a guy ever hit me, he would be kicked to the curb so fast. I just don't understand WHY she puts up with this abusive a-hole.
It's pretty unbelievable that her family/friends/handlers aren't barring her from seeing him. She's obviously in a dark place if she thinks it's ok to go back to a relationship and be treated that way. Very sad.
As someone older and wiser than ri-ri I of course say she shouldn't have taken him back. But let's face it - she's still a kid. A kid who has probably been very sheltered because of her fame. We all make stupid mistakes when we're kids and we often don't have enough self esteem at such a young age to stand up against this kind of treatment. As a grown woman I don't think she owes it to her fans to dump him, I think she owes it to herself. I just really hope that he doesn't really, really hurt her, or worse, next time - and there will be a next time.
I wish we had a video camera and could see one year, two years, ten years down the road. What will this cost her? What regrets might there be in the future that she could avoid now? A man who hurts you cannot and should not be allowed back in your life. There has not been enough time for him to have found the help and resources to change, or her to have found the help and resources to heal and find the answers she needs.
I told some of my friends at work how disturbed I was by a conversation I had with my daughters one morning this week. When the news announced that Rihanna and Chris had oldest (15) said "Oh good! That is such good news." When both my husband and I reacted and asked why she felt this way, she remarked that now everyone knows what was going on and they'll watch her more closely. My youngest (13) echoed her sentiments and said "they are soooo cute together, he's sorry, and will treat her better now!" Of course we went on to talk about abusive relationships and that sometimes, even if you seem like a good couple on the outside, that maybe forgiving isn't always the best plan of action.
Somewhere I saw something that said that they were actually not back together, but that CB realized how what he did has pretty much ruined everything so his PR team has been taking advantage of strategic photo ops and that he has been persuading her (which is so sad for her to even think about doing this) to act like they are together and its no big deal to salvage his rep. He jumped into the I'm sorry etc as his first attempt, so who really knows, but it is sending the wrong message whether its true or not
Battered wife syndrome is alot more then the physical abuse, it also comes with a ton of mental and emotional abuse. The abuser can be very creative in twisting the abusee's preceptions. This doesn't happen over night, it usually starts slowly and has been taking place for months before the first time the abuser physically attacks. It's akin to how a pediphile grooms his targets before the physical sexual abuse actually starts. Young women are usually targets for these type of men because women are still in the stage of learning who they are as a person. This happens thousands of times a day and not only to women. We also have a nasty habit of vitumizing the vitum which usually deepens the co-depence problem.

It's actually how alot of cults work on their follower to do whatever the "leader" wants, how do you think someone can convince poeple to commit suicide? It's a ton of mental abuse and emotional manipulation.

Also what her father and friends say in the media might not be what they are saying behind closed doors. We can hope that the next time he hits her she is able to get out, there will be a next time you can bet your house on that.
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