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More and more (uniformed, selfish and idiotic parents) are choosing NOT to vaccinate their kids - and in turn putting all our vaccinated kids at risk. Parents are choosing not to vaccinate because they believe that doing so can lead to autism - something that has not real medical proof.

Well, I have a solution. Since the government can't force parents non-vaccinating idiots to do so then kids who're intentionally vaccine-less should be FORCED (by the government) to wear a bracelet that indicates their parents irresponsible and anti-social choice.

The mandatory bracelets would allow we parents who do vaccinate to decide whether we want your potentially disease ridden kids playing with out kids, coming to our home, or in the same class with our disease free kids.

Kids who are not vaccinated risk contracting, incubating and passing along diseases that can be potentially fatal to infants, children, and babies still in the womb - how is that ok?

I know this is harsh but I really think that it should be legally mandated that ALL children must be vaccinate.

I'd love to hear what you think about the vaccination debate.

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WOW..Totally Harsh!! i dont think calling these parents idiots is going to solve any problems. If you are so passionate about the situation then why dont you try to raise awareness, educte people instead of insulting and criticizing them. I personally have vaccinated mykidsbecause thats what my mom did with us. But, I also have read the pros and cons on vaccines. Not all vaccines are 100% safe. Sowe as parents have the right of wether we are willing to take that risk. Lets look at the Hepatits B vaccine.

The hepatitis B vaccine has few side effects. However, one side effect is serious. About one of every 600,000 doses of hepatitis B vaccine is complicated by a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. The symptoms of anaphylaxis are hives, difficulty breathing and a drop in blood pressure. For some parents that might just be a risk they are not willing to take.

So, I guess what Im trying to say here is that I dont feel than common welfare should trump the individual's right to choose. I dont think wearing bracelets and singling kids out will help.

I am a mom of 6 and cook for my kids almost every day. occasionally I get sooo busy or tired that we opt for the Drive thru. So, should I wear a Fat Ass bracelet for giving my kids junk food every once in a while?????
Yeah I agree with Busy Mamma, really really harsh.

You can't tell people what to do with their kids, no more with a vaccination than any other form of child rearing, what diet to follow, how to discipline etc. You also have no right to insult parents for personal choices. I can safely say the choices most parents make are in the BEST INTEREST of their children. These parents didn't think, hey I want to put my own or other kids at risk so I'm not going to vaccinate them. There are as many moms out there that say vaccinations cause autism and other problems as there are that say they don't. Medical studies have been done on both sides of the issues, and many parents of children with autism have their own opinions on both sides of the issue. But at the end of the day, we can only do what we think is best.
You vaccinated your kids because you believed it was best for them. Other parents may not. In this crazy messed up confusing world, all we can do is make (hopefully well educated and well researched) decisions regarding our own kids. And all you can do is back off and respect others right to choose.
LOL your justifcation is all backwards, un-vax'd kids don't put your vax'd kids at risk since your vax'd kids are vax'd against the illness an un-vax'd kids might carry. Your arguement points out there truely is no point in vaxing your kids with all the poison since the vax does no good anyway, so your own arguement is rather counterproducative and ignorant.

I remember a really relivant piece of history, the Jews were once forced to where the Star of David on their clothes so that everyone new who they were, we all know how that turned out now don't we.
wow - this is a super charged topic. but to punish and single out the children? that's ridiculous and cruel.

i've seen and experienced both sides of the coin.

1) my son got a cocktail of vaccines when he was one and within a day was in the hospital
2) my son did not get the rsv vaccine when he was no longer considered at risk, but caught it

I vaccinate my son - but now he receives only one at a time. yep - one shot every other week until the government mandated schedule is completed.
Very well said Summer Rae!
Wow, you really do have an opinion about this. What has made you so angry about this issue? I am one of those idiot parents who chose to learn more about the injections given to my children. I chose to not only take the advice from my doctor ( who did not have children yet) but to read several books on the subject. The pro's and con's were amazing. I chose to then talk to my doctor about my concerns which led to choosing the right vac's for each individual child. I think this made me a more informed parent and less of an idiot! My children have contacted diseases from others who have been vaccinated. I never ever thought of having separate worlds and rules for those of you who have chosen full vac's. My advice to you is to become more informed of an issue before making your opinions known.
I see that you are really angry about this topic. I'd like to tell you though, that rather than being "un-informed, selfish, and idiotic", most parents who choose to not vaccinate are exactly the opposite of your accusation. The parents that I know who choose not to vaccinate, have read, studied and searched before making their choices about vaccines. They are often highly educated, not intimidated by herd mentality, and are trying to make the safest choice for their child/children. In addition to that, many of these parents have or have known others who have vaccine damaged children. The risks are stated on the lables of the is NOT 100% safe, and the vaccine companies know this, which is why they are required to give you phamplets at your doctors office to warn you of the possibility of adverse effects. Let me assure you, that if it was your child that was heating up with a 106 degree fever and shrill crying that would not might be wary about vaccinating too. You might pause to vaccinate further children...and you might pause before judgeing another mother for knowing what was right for her children. I am a pre-med honor student in Biology and psychology with 5 sons, soon to be 6, am am well read in the subjects of attachment parenting, herbology, midwifery, alternative health care, mental illness and traumatic brain injury. I am someone who reads all sides of an issue. I am also someone who had a child that responded so severely to his DPAT vaccine, and his MMR vaccine that even his doctor cautioned against vaccinateing him further, and was VERY comfortable with me being very choosy about which vaccines were safe when faced with a choice about vaccinateing his younger brothers. There are also a lot of kids who cannot be vaccinated due to allergies, or sensitivity. My children are all healthy, and I am a loving parent that chooses to educate myself. I am sorry that our family's truth does not match your own, but your judgement and accusations are off base...maybe take a look at your finger pointing to see where you can improve as a parent, rather than to judge so harshly without understanding your topic well enough from all sides. I mean that kindly, and truley hope that you are open to learning about what you fear.
yeah, the non vacinating parents are really going to bow down to your opinion being called "uniformed, selfish and idiotic parents". There is nothing really decent left to say because I refuse to put a parent down for thinking they are helping their children. My child comes first, regardless of your opinion.
SINCE YOU HAVE BEEN SO RUDE I WILL BE TOO- YOU ARE STUPID AND KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE SUBJECT. and if your child is vaxxed and it works- like you think it does- then why would you worry about your kid being around mine?? i am much more informed than you so please don't lower me to your level.
Insulting parents who only have the best of intentions for their children is not going to convince them that they need to vaccinate their children.

I chose to have my son vaccinated, and I'm glad I did. He didn't suffer any side effects from the vaccines at all. However, he didn't get one that I later found out he should have gotten, and that was for RSV. He caught it, and to this day still has breathing trouble because of the damage done by the virus.

If I had taken as much time researching the vaccines as those who choose not to vaccinate to, I might have made a different decision. I may have chosen not to have my son vaccinated, or I may have insisted he get the RSV vaccine. Instead, I trusted the doctors, because I was very, very young and naive, and my son ending up contracting a life-threatening and life-altering illness. He had a fever of 106 at one point with that disease, and spent quite a bit of time in the hospital because of it.

I don't think any parent who chooses to become more informed is doing the right thing. And regardless of their decision, whether they vaccinate or not, they are making the right decision for them.

We still really do not know the long-term results of mass-vaccination. We do know that diseases mutate to resist antibiotics, as evidenced by the recent outbreaks of MRSA and other superbugs. How do we know that these diseases against which we are being vaccinated won't mutate as well? What then? When polio mutates and becomes immune to the vaccine, what then? When smallpox mutates and becomes immune to the vaccine, what then?

Parents who choose to become informed are not doing so out of idiocy or ignorance, they are doing so out of concern and foresight, knowing that although doctors think they know it all, they don't.
I can sympathize with your frustration - to a point, but I don't think name-calling and "branding" helps your argument to be compelling. Besides, if your kids are vaccinated, they are not likely to contract the disease from unvaccinated kids. That, after all, is the whole point of vaccination.

I am one who chose to modify the vaccination schedule - under the guidance of my pediatrician. We aren't giving combo shots, are spacing them out, and are delaying some (like chicken pox) until school-age. Some, we're forgoing all together - like the Hep vaccines - because the risk of the vaccine outweighs her chance of getting Hep. My daughter has severe allergies - and overloading her immune system increases the risks of serious reactions.

Does that mean I get called uninformed, stupid, selfish and idiotic? Seems a bit over-arching, since my husband and I spent a lot of time researching medical literature and consulting with the pediatrician. We acted in what we (and the doctor) felt was in best interest of our child.

If you need more evidence on how we are "uninformed, stupid, selfish and idiotic" - We're not anti-vaccine. My husband has vaccinations for small pox, anthrax and a half dozen other bio-toxin vaccines (some approved, some expirimental) from his days working in biomedical warfare with the military - in addition to all the standard ones. We're college-educated, upper middle class, professionals - who are middle-of-the-road politically. My husband is a medical professional. We're not doing it blindly or selfishly or stupidly. We're not idiots.

And your bracelet idea? Sounds an awful lot like a previous poster's parallel to the Star of David.
I totally agree with you Bec. When I was reading this all I could think of was what the Jews had to go through and she wants and thinks it's ok to do that to children? I do take my son to get his vaccinations and always say a little prayer before the needle goes in. Thankfully he doesn't need anymore until he's 11. But the last time I checked there isn't a vaccination, aside from the flu shot, for the common cold and my son is constantly coming home from kindergarten with a cough, runny nose, fever.

Bec Thomas said:
LOL your justifcation is all backwards, un-vax'd kids don't put your vax'd kids at risk since your vax'd kids are vax'd against the illness an un-vax'd kids might carry. Your arguement points out there truely is no point in vaxing your kids with all the poison since the vax does no good anyway, so your own arguement is rather counterproducative and ignorant.

I remember a really relivant piece of history, the Jews were once forced to where the Star of David on their clothes so that everyone new who they were, we all know how that turned out now don't we.

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