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Reportedly one in 20 children are gay. If your child were to tell you that he/ is gay, how would you react?

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My son is gay. I always knew it from the beginning. He was always different. He loved to dress in my clothes and heels from the time he could walk. He played sports when he was young, because mom and dad said so. He was actually pretty good, but he would rather stand in the outfield picking flowers than paying attention to the game. When he hit his teens, he was changing, and realized he was when he was 15. He told his dad, of course freaked out a little. He was afraid to tell me, because his dad told him I wouldn't except him. So he and I made a date and went to dinner and a movie, talked all night and he realized that I'm not going to disown him because he's gay. I love him even more. He's no different than anyone else, just preference is different. He's a genius, in college, has had a few relationships, and I just adore his friends, kind of funny though. He has more girlfriends than I do. I was kind of hoping he would still be with Bryan though. They were together at UNL and at U of Minnesota, but split up. They are best of friends. Bryan did come home for my daughters wedding recently, he now lives in Az., and I love him dearly. As for my son, he knows what I believe, my faith, I'm and Adventist. I do believe in man and woman, but that doesn't stop me from supporting him in whatever he choses. My faith is strong with him, even though he says he is now an atheist, and doesn't believe in God, another story in that. But he can quote the Bible better that any pastor I have ever met. When he was 7years old, he new Revelations so well, it actually scared our pastor at church that he knew and understood it so well. So I keep my faith in him, everyday, and pray to God to keep ahold of him tight, because even though he says he thinks differently, I bring up situations in discussions, and he will ask what I think he wants from me or what he has in store, or what that might mean and maybe he is trying to tell me something. That doesn't sound like he no non-believing to you does it? Anyway, never ever give up on your child, when he/she tells you she is gay. They're still your child, and need your love and support no matter what. By the way, my son was one the the kids who started the Gay/Straight Alliance here in Nebraska while in high school. He's very amazing, couldn't ask for anyone else for a son. Be proud.
It would never come to the point that my child would have to tell me that he or she was gay. I would know it and just make it part of our life. It really isn't a big deal unless people make it.
I would love my children. I don't think it would matter to me at all. Their dad would be another story. He might freak out a little but I would have to remind him that they are still our children and need us.
my youngest son is gay. i have known this since he was an infant. he came out when he was a sophmore in college and i was the first one he told. he simply came to me, the day affter christmas, and said he wanted to talk. he told me and i hugged him and told him i was so happy he finally told me. he laughed at how i could know, but completely understood it was my mother's instinct in high gear. he's now 25, successful and very happy. he's my best friend and i love him dearly. i pray he will meet someone. he has terrific and wonderful friends and i love spending time with them.

his first boyfriend was very close to us and part of that was due to his own family disowning him. i will never understand how they could do that.
I told my Mom I was lesbian when I was sixteen, thankfully both she and my Dad were completely understanding. My mom even allowed my girlfriend to live with us for a few years. Today I am nineteen and blissfully happy, self-confident and enthusiastic about my studies. I feel so thankful that I was accepted by my family, and never had to bear the homophobia I hear so much about on television and in books. I love my mom! :D
I feel no matter what your child decision is you should be supportive of them and not push them away. Children need the support no matter what. Children are going to make their own choices even if you lead them in the right direction. Like they say you can lead them to the water but you can't make them drink it. Same thing with gendering it isn't no ones fault for whom their children like or have their sexual preferences with they find that out on their own. It isn't like we tell them to be with a boy if you have a boy or be with a girl if you have a girl. Just let them be who they want to be and be their for the children, that I think is the best thing to do. I my own opinion.
It would not matter in the least to me. He is still my child, whether he is gay, transgendered, whatever he is. I love him no matter what. He is what he is. I have loved him unconditionally since I found out I was pregnant, and that will never change.

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