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What should his punishment be? "Man throws 10 mo old into a pot of boiling water..."

An alcoholic noodle maker tosses his 10 mo old daughter into a pot of boiling water during an arguement with the child's mother, scalding 90% of her body. The baby passes 3 days later, what should his punishment be?

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Put him in boiling oil.
Debbie Boynton said:
Put him in boiling oil.
The nice christian thing to say would be that God will handle his punishment on his judgement day.

The not so christian thing to say is that he should go to jail for a very long time where Bubba catches wind he threw an innocent little baby into a pot of boiling water and noodle maker gets a big noodle up his rear end.
Very disturbing---The sad thing is--if someone is capable of doing that to a baby--I'm not sure they really are capable of feeling remorse --The poor mother---I can't imagine ---how you recover from something like that.
That story almost made me cry...How horrible for that little one to have to endure that type of pain..He needs to be batter dipped and fried in oil and then let him see the pain that the little poor innocent baby suffered.He will get his in the end~and I am not a bitter or hateful person but I feel that this man needs to pay fpr what he did!!
That is a horrible story...he needs severe punishment
If I was the mom, I would have killed him. And darcy is right, he probably feels no remorse for it. It's disgusting.
It sound so bizarre and unreal! I wish it wasn't real. That is beyond heartless, monsterous and cruel! I agree with Debbie, he should be boiled!
Death penalty, no questions
That poor baby! For the killer, life in prison without parole.
oh my! I don't even know what to say!
That is disgusting. I would say life in prison so he has to live with the guilt of what he's done.

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