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According to The Telegraph, the average age for a kid in the UK to get his or her first cell phone is Eight.


When we heard this, we were all kind of stunned. Some of the moms in our meeting said they bought cell phones for their kids at 15, others said they hadn't even thought of it at all.

We want to know from YOU, when did you buy YOUR kid a cell phone? Is there a certain age that they are "ready" for it?


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We have chosen to buy a cell phone for our daughters when they turn 16. We tell them that we will pay for the first year and then they take over the monthly bill. Our oldest daughter worked quite a bit during high school so that was no problem, but our second daughter is so busy with school activites that we have had to cover her bill most months. However since she is graduating this year she WILL be paying her own bill out of her own money. Since 16 is the age of getting a driver's license, my husband and I felt that this step in life required a method of communication that was readily available. Before 16 we drive them where they need to go or they can take one our cell phones. So really there is no need to have one until they are alone as a driver.
My 12 year old daughter has been ON us for quite a while about this, and we told her that we would consider it when WE needed her to have a cell phone. The first thing that I could imagine her needing a cell phone for was when she starts babysitting for other people (at age 13-our state has a minimum babysitting age). When she is out and may or may not have access to their house phone (I know a lot of people who don't have a landline phone), I want to make sure she has a way to get in touch with us or make an emergency call.
My daughter is 8 and she is asking for a cell. My hubby and I agree she can have one when she is 16.
I agree with Deana. My daughter got her first one at 15 only because it was bought by Grandma as a Xmas present. It was a tracphone which turned out to be a piece of junk. At 16 she got a better one as we added another phone to our plan. She also started working at 16 and got her license shortly before her 17th birthday and used my car to get to work.It was nice to know she had a phone if she have any car trouble. I do not understand a kid under 12 asking for one.
I agree with Deana. I got my first cell phone the christmas after I turned 16, along with a set of keys to the family car. It was a great christmas. I worked nearly full time my senior year of high school, and was still quite involved in school groups and church groups. With everyone in the family with completely different and busy working schedules, it's convenient to have a cell to call and say "I made it here safe, Mom!"

Maybe, nowadays, I could nominate my mom for "meanest mom"! hah..... Love you, mom!
There are a couple of ten year olds in my neighborhood that come to play with my kids. They have cells and one boy's mom calls him a lot. The other aparantly stays gone from home often. Once, I let my kids go to a house way down the street for a playdate with my cell in the oldests' pocket. They lose track of their fav things from time to time. This makes me think cells would not be a good idea at this time. That,and I am working on not being so much of a "helicopter" mom. At this time, I maybe would call waaaaay too much. A little breathing room allows for healthy growth.

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