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During our morning meeting the other day here at, we started to get in a silly discussion about how we don't have time to primp and groom like we used to. For most of us, it had been days, weeks, even months! since we had shaved our legs, waxed our brows, and washed our hair! We're not proud of our "unkempt-ness", but we know we're not the only ones.

Well, we decided it would be fun to do a weekly post called "When's the Last Time You.... and pose a different question each week....

So come on community, tell us the truth, WHEN'S THE LAST TIME YOU....


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I really cant remember! ;) I believe I started on one and then I got distracted, but never finished the other. Now that is sad.
I plucked a few strays this morning, but the more concerning issue is the five o'clock shadow on my upper lip... oy!
I waxed about three weeks about, and have been keeping up with the strays when I see them. But realistically, I know in a few more days I'm not going to have the motivation to keep it up anymore, and it'll be another six months before I get them waxed again.
Saturday...the eyes were begging to be waxed and I took care of the fuzz on my lip, too. Thank gawd...we had a formal function to attend that night.

I'm going to push myself to NOT tweeze and make another wax appointment for the end of the month...we're headed to Mexico for the weekend and I gotta look my best. ;-)
i acttualy cut bags for my self so i dont have to tweeze as much... and its been 2mos or so.
Haha!! I don't think I ever have!! so....34 years! I'm happy with my natural eyebrows (now you're going to be checking mine out, huh?) LOL summer, perhaps?
July 24th of last year...... Yeah, the day before I left for vacation to California..... yeah I kind of have that Brook Shields in the 80's thing going.... I need to get an appointment.
Hi girls, my first time to visit this site. Jenny, You have great eyebrows and Rayna we have never met but we have eyebrows in common, Brook Shield has nothing on my eyes. I hate this every day I have to pluck, wax, shave. I am very hairy sad to say, dont get me wrong no black guy hair but when God created me I think he forgot if I was suppose to have hair on my body or not. Im cute dont get me wrong, but I have struggled all my life with this. My estitician, she told me to shave my hair not pluck it causes it to root 2 hairs when it regrows, sorry shave out of question! I found microwaveable tweezless wax kits make the best choice when it comes to unibrow or lip hair. Best of luck Ladies...
I tweezed my eyebrows this morning :)

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