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Last month, the momlogic staffers confessed to you about how "unkempt" we all were. For most of us, it had been days, weeks, even months! since we had shaved our legs, waxed our brows, and washed our hair!

Well, we decided it would be fun to post a discussion called "When's the Last Time You...." and pose a different question each month....

Last month, we wanted to know when the last time you WAXED OR TWEEZED YOUR EYEBROWS. This month, we want to know...



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don't have much use for those these days...
Every night;) So that I have a fresh one for the next morning!
Well I have 3 and at least 1 a week gets washed! Than again a dear friend is a "bra specialist" at JC Penney and she has drilled bra care and proper fit into me over the years... Thanks Momma Sandy!
Um, I'm not sure, maybe every few weeks. LOL Honestly, I don't put much thought into when and how often I need to wash them. I pretty much wear the same one every day, with a change up every so often.
I am so embarrassed,lets just say over a week??
I am so embarrassed I am writing this but it had been awhile!!! I actually washed them ALL this past weekend (I have a bunch, all same brand and style I rotate around) because as I was getting dressed between loads of laundry Saturday morning I said to myself "yuck, these have not been washed in awhile). Its amazing what you will admit to other Mommies online LOL.
Wow...who'da thunk....Mine get washed once a week with the rest of the laundry. Since I have several, how much any particular one is worn depends on the outfit worn on a particular day. I always hang them to dry, though....the elastics last longer that way....
I have at least four bras in regular rotation... at least two get washed every week... I'll have to stop hanging them on the bathroom doorknob when Joe gets older!

Hey ladies, dont forget to follow me on my fitness journey! Just posted a new video!

When was the last time you exercised?!
Seeing that I'm a obsessive compulsive laundry lady...pretty much everyday! Once a girl friend of mine came to visit for a week and before she left, she told me she wore the same panties the whole time she was there. Because I kept washing them and placing them back on the top of her pile. I know...I'm crazy...but I hate dirty clothes!!!

Mommy Dearest
I rarely use a bra but when I do it gets put in the laundry right after use.
I wash them whenever I remember to take them down to the laundry! LOL
haha! Funny question. So what I do is go through them by color. After I first wash my bras, I wear my black ones because I have alot of black clothes (you know, they make me look skinnier. lol) Then I go through the neutral colored ones because they are virtually unnoticeable under any color and then I go through my white ones. By the time I wear my white ones, it's been about 2 months ..... eeek!!

Now with that said, I'm wearing a neutral one right now, so it's been about a month!

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