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One mother is pressing charges against her own son after he crashed and was found driving under the influence. In addition to the DUI and driving without a license, this mother is asking that he be brought up on charges for stealing the car. One of six children, there is no sympathy from siblings while he sits in juvenile hall for the weekend while the seriousness of his actions sets in.

Is her love for her son TOO tough? Or do you think this mother has the right idea when it comes to discipline? TELL US YOUR THOUGHTS HERE!

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I personally thing pressing additional charges is a little extreme and I'm not sure I'd leave my son in jail for an entire weekend... I think an experience like that is enough to scare a kid straight. Then again, I only have a toddler so I may change my tune when he turns 16....
No I would never press charges on my son. I think this is just taking it too far. I would leave him in jail overnight, fine. But would never have him arrested for car theft. No way.
As a last resort, yes. I would hope my kids would know better in the first place... but if my parenting methods were not working, then absolutely!
Yes...without regret. I have taught my daughter and "kids" that actions have consequences. I have seen what happens when parents pity their children and try to "fix it" for them. This boy made a choice. If any other teenager had taken your
vehicle and done the same things, would you have pressed charges? Then why let your own son think the laws don't apply to him?
My son was hit by a drunk driver ten years ago. He had 13 fractures from the waist down. He was an athlete and had to relearn how to walk, was in the hospital for six weeks, and in therapy for a year. The drunk driver died on impact.

This mom's decision is not too tough. There were heartbroken people on both sides in our case. My son was broken. We were emotionally and financially devastated. The other family lost someone they loved.

If an arrest and taking responsibility makes that teen think before getting in the car drunk again, then yes, it's worth it.
yes, yes, yes. yes.
if it is a very dangerous behavior perhaps I will do what is best for them, actions have consequences and we cannot lie to harm other human beings, never
I would and here's why. The mother will be liable for the damages that the son caused by his reckless behavior. I have older kids, but they knew from the time they were little, that they would have consequences for their actions, good or bad. I never did their homework for them, cover for them when they made mistakes. Noone will do this for them when they're adults. They need to learn, no matter how hard the consequences will be. That said, if I believe that they are innocent or right, I will back them with all my strength and support. Bonnie
i had the almost the same situation, i press charges he got probation, he destroy my car. it teaches them right from wrong if they do that to you imaging what they will do to others. he could of killed some one and then what...........
I don't think she's being too tough on him at all. I think she's giving him a dose of reality: He wanted to act like an adult so now she should treat him like one. This might actually save his life teaching him consequences of this extreme ESPECIALLY when it comes to drinking and driving. I think this is what parenting is about and she's only doing what's best for her son.
It depends on what she went through with her son before that remarkable weekend. Maybe he has done things like this before and she was not able to stop him. He did crash the car and could have been dead. So, this may have been the only way the mother saw for him to get the message.
Oh please. My grandma (who was by all rights and stuff, basically my mom" took my brother to the local Police Station when he was six for stealing a pack of wrigley's from the 7-11 down the street. She then had her cop-friend lock up my brother for about 30 minutes (she knew the cops from earlier bouts with my grandfather) and asked him "Do you like it in there?" He was sobbing and said no, and then she said "well, this is where thieves go. are you a thief?" He said no. Kids need to learn a lesson and if was drinking and driving, he needs to learn a bigger lesson. It was the mom's decisicion and I support it because without this kind of "tough love" there would be another juvie on the streets, stealing YOUR car.

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