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I recently saw a news report about a mom who had turned to stripping to support her two young children. It made me start thinking ... would I do that if I lost my job and needed to support my family? It took me about three seconds to come to the decision, "Hell yeah!!!" If someone would let me (and not throw up :) and I could actually make money doing it, I would ABSOLUTELY start stripping.
What do you think about this? What would you resort to if you had to support your children? How far would you go? Where would you draw the line? I'd love to hear from you all.

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if there was no other way to earn money then yes i would do it. sure it would be hard to do and i would hope that my kids never find out, but if they did i would hope that they would understand that the ONLY reason i did it was to feed them and to keep a roof over their head. if stripping is what it takes to get the money then sure. better that than being a prostitute.
I would do is hard out there and I am sure if it came down to the nitty-gritty I would do it....but there is definitely a line that I would draw. You can not let a game like THAT run YOU@
Nope! In my opinion, it is degrading to the female race, and just begging for extra trouble.
If people wanted to see me strip and my bod was worth looking at. I most certainly would if my family needed the income. My family comes first! desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures! Besides, I hear it's great exercise!!
yes I would. If you made 300-500 a night you could work 3 nights a week and be ok. You dont need to get rich on it or make it a career but you could work at night and support your family leaving you more time than the avreage working mother, to spend time with children. There are many single moms that have to turn to this profession temporarily in order to both feed and support their kids and still have time to raise them theirselves. I dont believe it should be a long term career choice though. and for the lady with daughters... why would they have to know you were doing it? you could go to work and tell them you were a waitress. Sometimes you do what you have to in order to feed those at depend on you. I hope you are never faced with that sort of decision......
I definitely wouldn't strip to support my family. I would try to do something else that was more worthwhile. I saw the same news story. At the very end of the story the reporter asked her if her own mother knows that she is stripping to get by. The stripper responded "no." I think it's pretty obvious this woman doesn't want people she loves to know what she is doing to degrade herself. I feel the same way, so I just wouldn't do it!
When I decided to have kids, I made a commitment to those tiny babies that I would do whatever it takes to provide for them, to keep them warm, safe, loved, and healthy. If that meant stripping, of course I would do it. However, like Radical Mommy said, I would just have to hope that the audience didn't puke during my show! 'Cause I think that might cut down on my tips.
I agree I would do what I had to to support my kids but I think that would be a very last resort. I want my kids to be proud of me and once you are in that cycle, it doesn't stop real easily. I would never want my daughter stripping so I doubt I would be able to. I would go clean toilets before I would strip. Again though if it was the ONLY thing I could do, I would absolutely do it. However I know that no one would ever pay me enough, lol. They would take one look at me and send me back out the door, lol.
This is a hard question since I think that you might actually have to be in the situation to answer honestly. I would say definitely no I would not even consider doing something like this. Then again if I saw my children suffering and I knew I could change things by stripping I might reconsider.
In a two-second response yes I would, but if i really were to think about it no. My sister in law did it for awhile and the money was great but it took a toll on her emotionally and she isnt the same person i knew. It ruined her relationship and it ruined her self-worth.
I haven't ever done it but if it come to my kids yes I would. I don't think anyone would want to see me naked though but in reality I would rather do that than have my kids taken away from me because I couldn't take care of them. A mother will do what a mothers gotta do.
I wouldn't but I would work behind the bar at a strip joint. I draw the line at showing my cleavage and no one wants to see the mommy belly

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