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Those adorable and talented kids from "Slumdog Millionaire" are already on their way to making a great living. While producers from the film set up trust funds and paid the families of the actors monthly stipends, it's being reported that it's the parents who are using the cash however they want.

In many cultures, money that comes into a family is used for the needs of the whole family, but is there a line between sharing and stealing? If the child is the one making the dough, do parents have a right to use it how they see fit or should it be saved for only the kids?

Please share your thoughts with us!

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I think we would have to be in pretty dire circumstances before I would take my kids' money. If my kids made any money through modeling, acting, or otherwise, I would invest it for them to either go to college or purchase their first home. However, that being said, I realize that in order for my kids to make any money in the first place, there are some sacrifices the rest of the family would have to make (transporting them to auditions, rehearsal, casting calls, etc.... and THAT is why this mama won't ever have this conundrum!). So, if there was something we needed and couldn't afford any other way, I would consider using a small portion of their income. But I consider "need" to be something we could not live without. Mortgage payments, utility bills, and groceries are about the only things that fit into that category. Otherwise, I would personally feel that I was farming my kids out to have more luxuries. And that is something I don't think I could personally live with.
I wouldn't take money from my children. However, I think this is more of a cutural thing than a moral thing. Living in the U.S. we would see that as stealing from our children. But in many other cultures it is seen as family money. I don't know if it is a bad or good thing. But interesting to think about nonetheless.
geez, i can't imagine ever being in this situation but, yes, i would take their money to either invest for them OR if the family needed it out of necessity. my six-year-old has a paper route for $14/week - as an (incredibly scaled down) example. he actually offered me some when i said i had no money in my wallet. i declined, but classic example of how kids pilfer their money away w/o the help of parents. and it wasn't because he was being generous, by the way. it's because he has no concept of monetary value. he'd roll up dollar bills as straws for a milkshake if I let him! have that much money.
but i digress....xo
My teenager did a little modeling and acting a few years ago. It was his decision to start doing it as much as it was his decision to stop doing it. He earned the money, so it was his. 15% of each pay check (as required by law) went into a coogan account, 10% went to the agent and 50% went into his bank account. The remainder he could spend as he wanted to.
Hey if the family is living in a bad place (not wanting to say slums) why then shouldn't the parents use the money to buy stuff for the whole family instead of not using the money at all? Stealing from kids making money is when the kids don't get anything for their work...I'm sure these kids are benefiting as well as the rest of their families.
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