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We're giving away a one year supply of Bio Oil to five lucky winners (valued at $128). Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It is also highly effective for other numerous skin concerns, including aging skin and dehydrated skin.

Tell us your at-home remedies to prevent aging skin and you'll be entered to win!

Contest ends June 30, 2009.

Click here for official rules.

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Don't Laugh but I put tooth paste or bar soap over night let it dry on pimples to bring them to a head and wash off in AM and pop gone.
Here are a few remedies I have used for years. Witch Hazel in stores but hard to find. I use it every morning. mixed with bio-oil and it has done wonders for my face. Hope this helps everyone.
I read in a magazine if you put sperm on your face it will make you glow,well I don't know if it was the product but I sure did glow when I tried it,or it was the fun of retreving it that did the trick anyway it seemed to make my face more softer.
Wish I had a remedy. My skin is getting awful. Would LOVE this!
Drink 1-2 liters daily; use Extra-Virgin Olive Oil as a moisturizer
I use olive oil to remove my makeup. It does a wonderful job and leaves my skin silky smooth.
water water water...honestly everything from your weight to your complexion can be fixed by drinking the appopriate amount of water for you body..that is my secret!
plenty of water and cleansing morning and night
well this is going to sound strange but it works. Use preperation H, it reduces inflamation. try it!! I also use a oatmeat honey facial mask.
My main recommendation is to use sunscreen and reapply frequently.
I use coconut oil as a facial moisturizer. It works great and is smooth and creamy.


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