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Moms have the best fixes when it comes to making the most of what you have. Whether it's tinted sunscreen, using your daughter's doll brush in a pinch, or finding a product has multiple uses... we want to know your secret!

Comment below, telling us your best beauty trick and you'll be entered to WIN a $500 Best of Beauty basket from The Tyra Banks Show!

Contest ends Friday March 27th so enter NOW!

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What I love to use, is a kabuki brush after I have finished applying all my face makeup.
It will blend your blush, powder/foundation and give you a smooth blended finish.
Try it.

I have discovered Oil of Olay's tinted moisturizer and I use it daily. It saves a step and prevents wrinkles!
Since I don't wear much make up. My best tip would be to see your dentist regularly. Okay, if you have to wear some makeup use lipstick and splurge on your favorite color.

i luv lots of mascara..i think eyes are so important so i have 2 different types of mascara, one that leaves a thin coat but seperates my eyelashes so they dont clump together, then when that one is dry i use the thicker mascara that makes them thick and long but they wont be clumpy since i already seperated them,,,then when im all dry, i use a q-tip wet with my saliva and clean it up, have to make sure its dry!! so thats usually what i do when i run out of the house or even in the car, otherwise you smear the mascara or get clumpy eyelashes and thats a definite no no!!
I keep an eyelash curler, a pencil eyeliner (I prefer maybeline colorstay) and either CO Bigelow apothecaries Menthal Lip shine or Burt's Bee's original in my car, when I'm in a rush and I left the house without makeup, I throw on the eyeliner, smudge it with the sponge tip on the pencil to get a smokey look. Then I put on the lip moisturizer/shine and it gives me a natural look, I like it best in the summer but it works in the winter too. Oh, and both the lip products give you a hint of mint so it also works as a breath freshener!
Hi Ladies,

If you want to your eyes to look awake and well rested, the whites of your eyes really white, use your favorite mascara and run a couple strokes of navy blue mascara over your lashes at the end of your normal application and/or only use the navy mascara alone. If you use the navy blue color it does not go on really blue but more of a blue/black, so you do not have to worry that you will be revisiting the 80's (lol).

Another tid bit for giving your skin a healthy look and keep your foundation in place as well as smoothing out the wrinkles around your eyes is, fine mist your face with water before you put on your moisturizer and foundation. In so doing you are locking in the moisturizer and thus helping your foundation go on evenly.

I have used both techniques for ever and they really make a difference for me, hope they work for you as well :)
Well, i've never tried this, but i've heard that if you have bags under your eyes, you can get them to go away by hanging upside down. BTW get some more sleep and nip it in the bud. And yes I need to take my own advice. :)
I am trying to find one so I can find out for myself, but I have heard dechlorinating shower filters make skin and hair really soft. I can't wait to try it. It also makes your skin healthier and younger looking.
You can buy replacement cartridges that go in the shower hose or you can get the shower head type at home improvement stores. I found a wide range of prices and comments when I researched it.
All I know is I need all the help I can get.
I have very fair skin and can never find a liquid foundation that is light enough for me. I buy the lightest shade closest to my skin tone and than I mix it with facial lotion with sunscreen in it. I just put a dab of the color on the back of my hand and than add the lotion till I get the color I need.

Also pick something and make it a signature. For me it is a pale pink eyeshadow. I wear it almost every day. People tell me it brings out my gray/green eyes and combined with my light/natural looking make up people are always saying it looks like I am not wearing any make up at all, just naturally glowing!
I have no beauty tips! I joined so that I could borrow everyone else's! LOL the best advice i can give.....find a good facial lotion that fits your skin type and put it on morning and night. There is nothing like a healthy glow to your skin and your makeup goes on smoother. Lots of water is great for your skin as well!!
While not tricks exactly the best thing I think you can do is wash your face everyday and get enough sleep.


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