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Kylene Nelson, a language arts teacher at Rushe Middle School in Land O'Lakes, Florida, faced dismissal over last week's incident, in which she forced students to dance with her in class. She was drunk at the time, and later passed out by a nearby pool. She has resigned. Do you think she should have been fired?

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She should have been fired, there is no excuse for that type of behavior.
ummm..she came to work drunk. Yes. she should have been fired.
I know what you are saying, coming to school drunk is a no-no, but today is there no shame? There are people that have a odor, because they are diabetic at times, and there body functions are somewhat different, but in other words, to be sure before a person is accused of such poor judgement. It happens at times, that people can smell a little like alcohol, could she have had a little drink before coming back into school? I don't know the exacts, but there are people who don't drink, so when they do drink, they are twice as likely to get high. But she also asked the kids to dance? I mean back in the day, it would have schocked me, but I don't think I would have been hurt or traumatized in anyway. I hope she gets some help, and understands that what she did was not terrible, given some other accounts of teachers and students, but it definitely sends out the wrong message.


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