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Momlogic's Talitha: I complained about being pregnant, from not being able to drink to my mom's unsolicited advice about what I should or should not be doing, eating or drinking. I complained about the fact that, at three months, the buttons on my jeans were tight and my ass was growing faster than my belly...

I complained about fatigue, lack of sleep and not going to the bathroom--and I was picky about food. I had a list: "10 things I hate about being pregnant" and as a writer, displayed it proudly for everyone to see. It was funny then. I complained about having to step on the scale every single time at the doctor and was happy when I only gained one pound. I worried about what would happen after the baby, I worried about my body and my sex life and if we would be able to handle the financial pressure and all the changes that would occur come January 13, our due date. I worried about who would watch the baby if I had to go back to work, finding daycare, and not having time to run out and do things for myself. I worried about the toll it would take on our relationship to have a third person present. Of course, what I had inside me was a TRUE miracle, but that word didn't mean much until the day I lost the baby.

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Comment by Shelley on May 5, 2010 at 10:14am
Well 5 years ago my husband and I decided that we wanted to have another baby. we already had 3 but they were from my previus marriage. So on vallenties day I went in for surgery. I was having a tubel reversal.$ 27,000. And after the surgery after the healing process we were having sum trouble getting pregnant. Which didnt make sence because I never had a problem getting pregnant before. So I started horemone injections. and it wasnt long and I was pregnant! I was 9 weeks and the bleeding began. There was nothing they could do. So we waited a few months and then began trying again. I didnt get much further and I lost the baby again. But we still werent giving up. We went thru this 5 more times and miscarried 5 precious babies with each time getting a little farther. We decided to take a break ad stop trying we were both just so emotionally crushed. A year a a half went by and we were not even trying. I had opped the fertility drugs long before this. Well I had gone in for a check up on December 23 and thank God my husband had gone with me because I was pregnant again... Durring the visit the doc decided to do a ultra sound. An to our great surprize I was 16 weeks pregnant. Now Im not a big girl but I did have a 6 lb weight gain or the previous few weeks, but I passed it off due to the hollidays. Well we also had another surprize durring the ultra sound. I was carring 4 babbies. The fertility drugs were clearly still in my system. But 2 of the babbies were clearly not developing properly and we were told that the unerevelopment could post a serious hazzard to the two remainning babbies that looked to be developing wonderfully. We we given an apointment for 6 days later to be admitted to the hopsital for selective reduction. Just the thought of it made me wanna cry but after all we had already gone thru I knew I wasnt going to risk anything happening to these babies. For the next 5 days I stayed in bed! I only got up to use the bathroom. My loving wonderful husband took care of my every need. We would lay there together in the bad and dream about the futcure. We talked about everything. We asked the kids all kids of questions "boys or girls"? We always herd on of each. We were all clearly so excited. The day of selective reduction came and I got in the car for my husband to drive me to the hospital. On the way there he reached over placed his hand over my belly and said some thing I will never forget "soon you will be much bigger and we will be making this drive to go and deliver our our angels" We got to the hospital and as there were taking me in to the OR and my husband was kissing me goodbye. Th nurse noticed blood. The doctor tried to reassure us that it may just be theunder develpoed fetus expelling from your body. I was put under.... When I woke my husband was beside me holding my hand. They called the doctor in and my husband put his hand on my belly and looked in to my eyes and begun to cry. I knew then.....I didnt need the doctor to tell me. I had lost every one of my babies. The doctor came in and seen my husband and I crying while hugging and just said he would come back. When the doctor returned we were told that there would be no way I would ever be able to carry a baby to term. My uterus was severly scared, and filled with tumors and cysts. He said that the surgeon that preformed my tubel reversal should have never done it. He said that I should have had a hysterectomy right then. I told me and my husband that he is running sum tests checking for uteran cancer and ovarian cancer. I kept saying "no no Im only 29" . He left my room to check the results. That ws the longest 20 mins of my life. He came back in my room and had this look on his face of pure amazement. He then said Im sorry I have scheduled you for surgery at 4:30pm today. That time was a less than an hour away. I looked at my husband and said I am so sorry that I can not give you a child. He just had tears in his eyes and said I would rather have you by my side, I love you and I dont want to loose yoy.

After all of that we are still as much in love as we were back then. My husband is truely the real deal! He stood by me durring the radiation and all the mood swings. He never gave up on me and still is my strength. An our babies are truely our angels.
Comment by Momlogic on February 3, 2009 at 12:14pm
Hey Group Members, We're just checking in! We've noticed it's been a little quiet around here. We are really excited about your group and want to see if there's anything we can do to help you get some activity going. If you're a mom and interested in leading this group, starting a discussion, or want to promote your own blog, send us a message and we can help get you started.
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