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Moms are clicking away on the Brad Pitt gallery featured on's homepage. Sure he's good looking but how does he rate as a person?

The comments in our meeting today ranged from "He gets better with age" to "He poses for a few pictures and acts like Dad of the year."

What's your opinion of Dad Pitt?

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I have to agree with Karen. I'm not much for celebrity "news". I hope he's a good father, but I couldn't really tell you either way.
I have to agree with the first two comments. They certainly appear to be a good family and they do wonderful things through their charitable work but even though I enjoy reading celebrity gossip I don't pretend to think it gives me enough information to form a real opinion on most of them.
I love Brad Pitt, always have . I really don't know how good of father he is, just what I have read. He seems to be one of the good guys and I don't hear many bad things. I think it's good that when he is away he stays in touch with he's kids by Internet or podcast. It shows he cares and wants to be around them. My opinion of him is ,"he is a great actor and a Dad!"
Brad Pitt seems to really care about others with his involvement with One and other good causes so I would find it surprising if that didn't follow through into his home life. Hopefully his children are in a house of love and that to me is all that really matters.
I can't really comment on his parenting skills - but good-looking guys holding a baby or playing with their kids are always nice to see!
He is very good looking and seems to be a good father, but you can't really tell. All you ever see is nice pictures and hear what the tabloids/news says about him as a human being. I would think he was a great person and father because i would hope those adoption agencies would screen him and his wife for those reasons and not just say yes and approve them getting a child based on there financial well being.
Who knows! Anybody can look like a stellar parent in pictures!
I had always liked him, but to say whether he's a good dad or not I don't know. I see pics of him with their kids and he looks like he is being a good father, but a picture is really not a lot to go on, but I truely do hope he is for the sake of the children and to say they have several now. Money or being a celebrity should not be the reason for them to have anything differently then anyone else and that includes adopting children.
He always looks happy in the pictures so lets hope that he really is!!
Funny, looking at him, never brings to mind fatherhood. Drool.....
I'm probably the only hot-blooded female that doesn't find him that attractive. Not that he's ugly, just not my type (Johnny Depp on the other hand...)

He seems like a devoted father from the photos, but then again, I'm sure all of these overpaid celebs have nannies and cooks and cleaning people, so the parents can spend the fun time with the kids. And not be out-of-their-mind exhausted while doing so.
I don't know him so I don't know if he's a good father or not.


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