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Moms with Breast Cancer


Moms with Breast Cancer

If you are a mom who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer or have been a survivor for years, this is the place to share your concerns, fears, and celebratory moments. We can all learn from each other in how to cope with this disease.

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Welcome Blog Leader Connie!

Connie Pombo is an author, inspirational speaker, and breast cancer survivor. She speaks to cancer groups nationwide about the importance of early detection and patient advocacy. She is the author of Trading Ashes for Roses: From Pain to Passion, a portrayal of her battle with breast cancer and a self-help book for the survivor, caregiver, family and friends.

Connie is a contributing author to numerous books including: The Ultimate Mom by Chicken Soup, The Serenity Prayer by Adams Media, and Chicken Soup for the Coffee Lover’s Soul.

She is a frequent contributor to Coping Magazine and Breast Cancer Wellness. Her articles have appeared in print and online publications regarding breast cancer survivorship.

Websites: Connie Pombo, Women’s Mentoring Ministries, and Baskets Full of Hope.

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Moms with Breast Cancer

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Comment by Denise on December 28, 2010 at 7:26am

I have found you again!  I lost all my book marks on my computer.  Kept saying I will look for that site one day.  Well I wait until I really need support to find you guys.  I am sorry.  


I have started my period 2 years after not having it.  Seems heavy to me.  Never really had a heavy period.  But I have also hear it can go away for 2 yrs or so after chemo and come back.  But my gyno has be in a panic.  Every appointment ...........If there is any bleeding at all, even a small amount you come right in.  


Now that I think about it I have been having symptoms of my period for months.  Just not getting it.  I have even blamed the cramping on ibs, which I have to have a colonoscopy on the 19th to rule out anything on that.  I just feel like I am back peddling BIG time.  It scares me.  And of course while I am trying to be happy and act normal the kids are home all week.  Guess that is good so I dont just fall apart over something that can be nothing.  


My appointment with the gyno is on Tuesday the 4th.  

Comment by on July 25, 2010 at 7:16am
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Comment by Jessica Monroe on July 1, 2010 at 4:11am

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Comment by Sandra Joseph on June 30, 2010 at 9:10am
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Comment by Suzette on March 19, 2010 at 1:37pm
Rosie O'Donnell talked about this kind of idea, a long time ago. She too lost her mom to Breast Cancer. Its a really great idea that you have. I would like to find more support for younger kids. We have a camp here for children with cancer and their siblings and the siblings continue to go, even if the child with cancer passes away. I wish my daughter was eligible to go, because, at 10, she doesn't have the language to discuss this with me, but I know that she has experienced a great deal of stress with me being sick. I think that to surround yourself with people who understand your experiences could be hugely beneficial to her, and likewise, to you and your ladies. In your case, the potential to get the word out there, educating people about early screenings and pap smears is huge as well. And the support groups that we build today will often evolve into the support groups that we need in the future, as lives change.
Comment by Connie Pombo on March 19, 2010 at 12:13pm

I am so sorry for your loss! My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 35 and five years later I was diagnosed. It was devastating. But it seems that I grew up with breast cancer because when I was 13, my grandmother was diagnosed and came to live with us.

I think your support group is a great idea! My sister who is a year older than me wanted to start a support group for siblings with breast cancer since my diagnosis put her in the "panic" mode.

Living in Los Angeles, you should be able to find many speakers, especially those associated with the Susan G. Komen Foundation Network of Speakers or with the National Speakers Association.

Unfortunately, right now, our life is in flux. My husband retired last month, we have a son getting married; I have a book to finish and we're selling our home and moving to Cuenca, Ecuador!

My life is literally in boxes and we are only taking FOUR suitcases with us. Having lived in Sicily for six years, this shouldn't seem like a big deal but I must have accumulated a lot more stuff in the last 20 years!

I will still keep in touch via my blogs, but the next month or so is going to be an interesting journey.

Thanks so much for dropping by and I will let you know if I think of any speakers in your area.


Comment by Debbie Levin on March 3, 2010 at 12:51pm
Hi everyone. I'm not a mom with breast cancer, but my mom recently died of breast cancer. I'm 34 years old, not married and no kids. I found this group by searching for information out there geared towards with young women who's moms have died of breast cancer. In the last 4 months since my mom passed away, I've been searching for other women who have or are going through the same loss and fears. There are wonderful support groups for the women going through the disease, but virtually no groups geared towards the families that love these women. With all of that said, I am in the process of organizing a group, focusing on young women who have lost their moms to breast cancer or who's moms are currently battling it. I live in Los Angeles so it will take place here, but ideally it will become a group that is available to these young women, wherever they may live. My long post has a point. I see, Connie, that you speak publicly and I'd like to start lining up speakers once the group is in place. I see you're in PA, but I'm sure you know of women that would be great speakers closer to where I live. I have been volunteering a lot lately with Susan G. Komen since my mom passed and they are backing me 100%. They are willing to post my group/meetings, etc on their site and provide meeting spaces, etc. Any help that you can provide, in any way, would be so appreciated. I'm open to ideas as well. I'm not interested in a bereavement group but rather a group of women who share similar experiences, losses, fears, etc. but who also support one another and the community. I want to help aid myself in my grief, aid others, and create a positive and contributing community of women.

Anyone else reading this, thank you first of all, and secondly, by all means, I'm happy to hear your thoughts and ideas about this.

Thank you so much,
Comment by T. Suzanne Eller on February 17, 2010 at 6:34pm
Thanks, Connie. If anyone else wants to take the survey for these girl's doctoral research, it would be amazing. One is my daughter -- a twentysomething beautiful young woman whose mom once had cancer. The other is a student, and Melissa's friend, whose mom currently is battling breast cancer. They are in the beginning stages of the research and both have a vested interest.

The survey is super short. I just took it!
Comment by Connie Pombo on February 17, 2010 at 6:14pm
Okay, dear ladies...where or where have I been?!

I don't like to complain too much, but I've been snowed under (actually, the snowfall has broken all records in Pennsylvania for all time). They call it an historic snowfall. Yep, that's us! All this means that I have cabin fever (seriously), and I'm ready for spring.

The good part is I made my book deadline and turned in my manuscript, only to have another one due on May 15th.

It sounds like everyone is doing well. Denise, I so relate! I had the same thing happen to me and went absolutely bonkers. My family doctor thought nothing of it -- stating, "You're too far out from breast cancer for lymphedema to occur." WRONG! But I realized the greatest threat to myself was my reaction! :)

Breathing is good...I do my Lamaze breathing quite often and then put on a CD with soothing music and actually put myself in a state of relaxation. After 30 minutes, I'm fine. If I can remember to do those things it helps so much and then I can think clearly.

Suzette and Patty: Thanks for giving loving, thoughtful support! I'm in need of it myself lately. We are pondering a move to Ecuador to retire (yep, you heard me correctly!). Not only am I plowed under with deadlines, my hubby is leaving for Cuenca, Ecuador next week to find suitable housing for us. Cuenca was named #1 place Internationally to retire and we have been in touch with many Americans and Canadians who have made the move and love it there -- perpetual spring all year (highs in the 80's and lows in the 50's). But I will save all that for another time and after my husband returns (to fill you in on the details!).

In the meantime, one of my author friends, T. Suzanne Eller, contacted me regarding her daughter's doctoral thesis on "Moms with breast cancer and the effect on their children." I have volunteered myself to Melissa Hall (Suzie's daughter) and her colleague to answer any questions. If any of you are interested in volunteering, just send me your e-mail address and contact information and I'll forward it on to Suzie. You can e-mail me at or

Big hugs to all of you and I pray you are growing strong, thinking positive thoughts, and remembering to smile (it uses less muscles than frowning!).

Love to you all!

Comment by Denise on February 2, 2010 at 6:42am
Thanks Patty and Suzette. I tend to over react. I like boards like this because I let it all out and then feel better. Yesterday my fingers felt hot and one hurt and was oozing a little so panic set in again. I called the dermatologist and asked about it. She said there is NOTHING wrong with what we did and if the oncologist wants to talk to her have her call. She said everything is fine and sounds normal but she is in the office (and told me all the times) please come over at any time if I still feel it isnt right. SO I felt so much better. it looks better today. Let does too. I think I over think things. LOL My mother always told me I think to much I need to stop. Easier said then done.

Feeling blah today.......regular kid and hubby stuff and I think a big thing is the weather. I NEED WARMTH! Someone send me some warm air please. LOL

Well I am off to kickboxing. Dont want to go it is to cold out but I am going.

OH A friend of my sisters has just found out she has breast cancer. I am passing along the link for here. I hope she comes.

Have a great day

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