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You know the tunes... they empower, entertain or just make us mush — the second we became mom, they took on new meaning. Whether you love country, classic rock or hip hop, don’t we all have that song that makes us go “shhhh, this is my song!”

Whether it reminds you of your kids, yourself or just parenting in general, share it with us! Your song just may make the Momlogic Top Mom Songs list on itunes!

PLUS, not only could your song entry get you noticed on our playlist, but you could WIN an iHome alarm clock -- perfect for playing your favorite momlogic songs from your iPod!

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LOL - looks like I left my comment in the wrong spot! I love Mr. Mom by Lonestar - I said Rascal Flatts earlier that was an oops too.
From Mother to Daughter- Bishop TD Jakes, Sr.
My Mom song is Rod Stewarts "Forever Young". It just fits with my views, "When you finally fly away, I'll be hoping that I served you well. For all the wisdom out of a lifetime, noone can ever tell. But whatever road you choose, I am right behinnd you, win or lose.
"Piece of Me" by Brittany Spears. Although I'm not much of a Brittany fan, this song strikes a chord with me when I'm feeling pulled in all directions by work, family life and even the kiddos sometimes!
Wish for you by Faith Hill is my favorite song that reminds me of my kids.
My fav "mom" song is "To You I Belong" by B*Witched, an Irish Girl Group from the late 90's. It reminds me of being a parent. I actually used it as my Father/Daughter dance at my wedding. I also sang it as lullabies to both of my children.
"How Do I Live Without You" by Leann Rimes. great song! It applies to most things, children, love... everything!
Mother by Tori Amos
My has always been my mom's song, she is 80 and a wonderful (the best in my book) mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She has definately done it her way.
The song I like is a song that Kanye West wrote for his mother long before her passing acknowledging all the sacrifices and things that she had taught him over the years. He would never let her hear it, he told her some day on Oprah. So when they were on together a few years back he sang it for her and it was amazing! There was not a dry eye in the place, it was a very special and personal song. I'm sure its on you tube. It's also on an albu he has released since that day.
"hero" by mariah carey....because all mothers are heroes


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