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Moms are raving about the new comedy MOTHERHOOD starring Uma Thurman which hits theaters this Friday. It's seems that everyone can relate - especially to lead character Eliza's tongue in cheek blog the Bjorn Identity . And, in honor of this new mom-centric movie, momlogic is giving away one Baby Bjorn Organic Baby Carrier with Carrier Cover worth $200!

To enter, reply to this discussion and tell us what your most harried mom moment has been thus far. Contest ends October 26th.

From writer/director Katherine Dieckmann, the acclaimed filmmaker of DIGGERS and A GOOD BABY, comes MOTHERHOOD, starring Uma Thurman, Anthony Edwards and Minnie Driver. Shot entirely on location in New York’s West Village, this bittersweet comedy distills the dilemmas of the maternal state (marriage, work, self, and not necessarily in that order) into the trials and tribulations of one pivotal day. MOTHERHOOD forms a genre of one – no other movie has dedicated itself in quite this way to probing exactly what it takes to be a mother, with both wry humor and an acute sense of authenticity.

Eliza Welch (Thurman) is a former fiction writer-turned-mom-blogger with her own site, “The Bjorn Identity.” Putting her deeper creative ambitions on hold to raise her two children, Eliza lives and works in two rent-stabilized apartments in a walk-up tenement building smack in the middle of an otherwise upscale Greenwich Village. Eliza’s good-natured but absent-minded husband (Edwards) seems tuned out to his wife’s conflicts, not to mention basic domestic reality, while her best friend Sheila (Minnie Driver) understands this – and Eliza -- all too well.

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My first harried mom moment this far I would have to say is when my son choked that was very scary.
Mine was when I lost my son when he was 2. We were in the backyard, middle of winter and I walked one way , him another, when I turned around because I couldnt hear him he was gone. I thought someone stole him for the gate was locked but turns out he slid out, took off all his clothes and went for a ride on my neighbors gliding swing buck naked in 3 feet of snow.
When my daughter somehow managed to get her head stuck between the slats on the back of a kitchen chair. Still no idea how she accomplished this!
I can't pick one. Every day is harried with all the activities and things that need doing.
My moment was a shopping trip. With 2 babies in the cart, and my 2 older girls walking beside me, I lost my 6 yr old for almost 20 minutes in the store. Before it was over, we were 5 girls crying in a target store. It was scary for all of us!! :/
While I'm still a mom who loves great movies, I'm also a grandmother who loves to cuddle my new grandson(and his older sister too)
Every day is pretty harried around here. I'm working from home while my kids are out for fall intersession, so juggling 8 hours of work while watching my children until my husband gets home is an invitation to crazy town around here.
My most harried moment came ths summer. While at a very crowded water park, my two year old son Aedan was playing an arms length away from me. All of a sudden, he turned an just RAN. I started after him, but with so many people, he suddenly was gone. I panicked big time. I just kept in the direction he went. Thank God one minute later, I found him-in the arms of the character Ernie.(from Sesame Street), who is his favorite. I never was so scared in my life!
How embarassing! My most harried mom moment ever was at breakfast one morning. I was supposed to food shop the day before but my younger son got sick so I had to postpone it, and my husband was also down with the flu. There was literally NOTHING in the house or refrigerator to make for breakfast, and my kids went to school after a breakfast of apple juice and leftover hotdogs!!!!!
My daughter walking into the middle of a round clothes rack in a store. Instant panic!
Mine was when I turned for one second and my two year old was GONE! She had crawled under a clothing rack display. She hid for about 20 minutes perfectly quiet. I lost about 30 years off my life with that one. Thanks for the chance.
Mine was win my huaband discovered my daughter (who was 1 year at the time) went outside in the back play area where we lived on the militay base. We looked out our window in panic looking for her and she was on the basketball court playing basketball with her older sister wearing a diaper and one sock only and her hair out there. It was scarey and embarassing at the sametime! They were suppose to be playing upstairs in their room and her big sister help her snaek out.


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