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She's cooked up some Chicken Soup for the Soul and shared her "Secret." Now, Lisa Nicohols is on the road, meeting folks, changing lives and promoting her fantastic new book, "No Matter What."

Lisa's new book is an incredible tool in getting the life you want. As she says, "when you decide to say no mattter what, you remove all other options." Anyone who has met Lisa in person can attest, it's truly a life-changing experience. And it could be YOU next!

NOW, you and a guest can WIN the chance to MEET LISA!
San Francisco May 16th
Minneapolis May 29th
Chicago June 5th
New York June 20th
Atlanta June 27th

PLUS, one lucky community member and a guest will get the chance to join Lisa for an EXCLUSIVE luncheon in Del Mar, California on June 14.

How to enter: Reply below to this discussion, telling us
1. Which city/date you're entering to win a chance to meet Lisa
2. How you want to create a positive change in your life!

Winners will be notified one week prior to the event. San Francisco winner will be announced during Lisa's LIVE chat in our Mom's Nite Out event Thursday 5/7 at 8:30ET.

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I live just south of Del Mar in Pacific Beach. It would take me 20 minutes to get there. I would really love to bring my daughter to meet Lisa.

I retired 10 months ago and have started to change my life positively. I go to yoga every day - work out - have lunch with my friend - lost 20 lbs. and enjoy living every moment!
I'm too far away from the events to drive, but I hear things are always hotter in Atlanta, so I would definitely love to see Lisa there.

To create a positive change in my life I have to learn to own-up to my faults and stop placing blame on others. I do this too much as a way of escaping my inner demons. Positivity is positive!
I absolutely would love to meet Lisa Nicohols in NYC June 20th.

I want success and lots of it. I see myself so happy, contented, and peaceful wrapped in blessings from the universe. I will have achieved numerous goals and have numerous more on my to do list. The positive change I'd like to create in my life is the courage to do all that I so clearly see in my mind. I see and know I can achieve it, but so many times before in my life I have been met with some real obstacles and failure resulted. I really don't want to fail any more. I want success but am so gun shy that I feel stuck. It is as if there are a lot of different tracks in my head (like a highway system) and each one leads to a dead end or defeat or failure and I can't seem to re-route them.

I intuitively know that in order to succeed I have got to figure out a way to deal with all of those tracks that lead to the feeling of not being good enough. I am so through with that feeling. I want something different but I just can't seem to break the cycle. I want to create success and feel good.

Peace. Love. Light.
Atlanta June 27th
I'd like to live my life fully rather than the just going through the motions; I feel like I spend most days responding to things instead of being in control. To learn to be more assertive and be able to ask for what I want would make a huge difference in my life and result in a more positive outlook.
I read Lisa book,I also try to have my 30 years old read it, but with no success,she as a very negative feelings so every thing in her life it's negative, no confidence.I already see her 8 year old falling her foot steps and I am afraid, for my grand -daughter .I would love to win the Del Mare in Pacific Beach and take my daughter, she really needs to understand the book............. Lisa would be good for her,this would be I gift from me to my daughter.
San Francisco is closest to me - but I believe I've missed that deadline! So maybe lunch with Lisa in June in Del Mar, CA

I am changing my life around after losing my career in 2003 - the discrimination lawsuit was tragic, but I've come through it a better person. I am working on a Memoir about how my life experiences have made me the incredible woman that I am. I have begun a non-profit organization and hope to see it grow and flourish and would love any advice on how to move forward to empower youth!

I have another book that has a publishing contract - will be out August 2010! I can't wait to read Lisa's book!
I would love to meet Lisa in Atlanta on June 27th. I live just south of the city and it would be great. I want to create positive change in my life by #1, getting healthier. I am working hard at changing the way I live my life daily. I am trying to maintain an attitude of gratitude although my family is facing some challenging times right now. I want to be able to live life fully and not just go through the motions!
Peace & Love
Lisa, I hear you! I hope to join you for lunch in Del Mar. I live in San Diego and would love to meet you. This is my website.
You are definitely the type of person I love to be around! Del Mar is just a swim away...
New York June 20th is closest to my home but if someone wins that could I enter for Atlanta GA June 27th because I would drive there and stop on the way to visit family/friends. my other choice would be 10 days after my 43rd birthday to CALIFORNIA, del mar wow! The positive change I need to make is BIG, My youngest son turns 19 soon, and I have been a single Mom for 18 yrs and my Mom passed and I'm feeling very overwhelmed with life. I need a career/job move to warmer climate (I have 3 cadaveur bones in my neck and 6 screws w/ titanium plate) after an auto accident I did not cause or see coming, 4 yrs ago my life sorta shattered, I need some help to say the least, I gained 40 lbs sitting in neck brace and have yet to lose it, dating?

Atlanta 6/27/09 I have watched The Secret so many times I have lost track. The energy and positive attitude I get from it is simply amazing. I can't imagine what it would be like to meet Lisa. I am 48 and want a lifetime of positive..and to pass it on to my daughter. I want to be able to teach people to be positive, to help them make things happen in their lives to make their lives better and happier.
Chicago June 5th
After the huge change in my life of becoming a single mom of 4 I have decided to be the best at what I want to be and entered school to change my career and become a midwife, No Matter What. The positive change I want to make is to put some of my needs first so that I can be a better at all my other responsibilities.
I would love to meet Lisa in Chicago! After moving to Chicago from Nashville a year ago and leaving my "comfort zone" I have found that I need to reinvent myself, again! Came here to join my husband (his new job) with my 2 boys and 92 year old Mom in tow. Can you say AAaaahhhh!! The Secret, the Vision Board, the Meditations ... I do it all and I still have a "but." Grateful I am and will forever be and thankful for the opportunity to meet you.


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