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Do you plan on having an Epidural? If so, will you try to hold out for one as long as you can, or will you beg for it the minute you get your first contraction! Tell us!

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Yes yes and more yes. I could not see having a natural birth, i have had the epidural with all 4 of mine. I usually try to hold out until i can't take it much longer, but i've had friends who held out till the very end and it was too late for the epidural.
I am not sure. I always thought drugs were mandatory but during my last delivery there wasn't time and while I won't lie, it was INTENSE I felt the recovery was so much easier.
I had them with the first two, but I think this time I'm going to try my best to go without. I might end up with staydol (sp) but we'll see... (My husband thinks I'm crazy!)
I prefer not to use it.
Nope, in fact I'm having her at home! So no drugs there. But I did it drug free the first time so I can do it again.
I am hoping for a water birth with NO DRUGS...wish me luck!
I'm having a planned C-section so there will definitely be drugs. :)
I want no drugs. Will consider it if the pain gets bad enough, but will not get an epidural. I worked at a hospital in a materity ward. saw too many things go wrong. So no epidural, ever.
I'm shooting for no drugs. I'm pregnant with baby #4 and I've delivered without drugs two deliveries so far.
I will have one and I do try to hold out for as long as possible. I still like to be able to feel the contractions a tiny bit so I know when to push. It has been awhile for me so I guess I will have to wait until August to know for sure.
I just had my daughter on St. Patty's day, and I was induced, and I used NO drugs! I feel great, too.
With my first i was holding off but after my water broke the contractions were soooo painfully BAD, increasing each time and draining me, that i had no choice but to get the epidural. Hopefully my with my 2nd i will hold off 100%.


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