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Share your fave before May 29, 2009 at 12:00 p.m. ET and you'll be entered to WIN $1000 in groceries from the MLC and our friend Hungry Girl! (Prize awarded in AMEX gift card.)

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There are so many I like things that are quick and easy and even better low fat. Love the quesadilla recipe, It's amazing how fast it is to make, tastes good and so filling.
Gotta love the Lava cake recipe!!
Wow, to pick just ONE tip or recipe?? I guess overall, I LOVE using Fiber One cereal for bread crumbs. In the new HG cookbook it even suggests to go ahead and grind up a lot of the cereal to keep on hand to save from having to drag out the food processor every time!! Thanks HG!!
mmmm I have to say the dreamy chocolate peanut butter fudge brownie cakes are to die for.
and they are guilt free!!!!!!!!
I love all the smoothie recipes because frankly I can rarely get my daughter to eat her fruits and anytime you can pretend something is a shake and a treat and it's actually healthy is better. LOL!
I love the coffee shop swaps! I still am a bit of a Caribou addict, but I make my own pretty much a few times a week at home. My faves are the Mint mocha freeze and the vannillalicious cafe freeze. My daughter loves them too, although I make her smaller ones with decaf coffee!!
I love substituting creamy cheese sauces with the Laughing Cow wedges. I like substituting apple sauce instead of butter. I really like HG's recipe for the Spinach and Feta cheese wrap which is so much more healthier and delicious than its original version. I like substituting Almond breeze instead of milk or soy milk which is so much lower in calories!
I love the three minute oatmeal mash. Simple, Healthy, and filling. I like that it's quick and super easy to make, my daughter can eat this in the car on the way to her preschool!

Mommas in the House
BETTER 'N PEANUT BUTTER!! Changed my life, without a doubt. Coming in second is tofu shirataki noodles instead of pasta noodles.
My favorite recipe has turned into a regular staple for me, and that's Rockin' Choppin' Taco Salad! It's so easy to put together (which is great for me being super busy), it's low in calorie and very filling. I can even add on some non-fat sour cream and enjoy it even more without the guilt. It's amazing!
My favorite recipe is for the caramel pumpkin pudding cupcakes!
Love the Shirataki Noodles--I like them best in Asian dishes like stir-fries. So much healthier than white rice!


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