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It's almost April and that means I only have 60 days left. 60 days until my almost 10 year old heads off to sleepaway camp for four weeks. I can't believe that my adorable daughter, who incidentally, just asked me to buy her a training bra this weekend (see my previous post), is going off on her own without knowing a soul. Personally, I think she's so not like me. She's brave, she's independent, she can crochet, she's resourceful and she's even managed to become friendly with one of the new campers and on Saturday, they'll get the chance to meet each other virtually through Skype.

Yes - just as adults connect via Facebook, Twitter and virtual chat, the camp director came up with an ingenious idea to connect new campers by using technology and frankly, I think that's the coolest thing I've ever heard. Becca and her new friend have been speaking every day and they're both looking forward to meet webcam to webcam Saturday morning.

It turns out, my daughter has spoken with her new camp friend about five times already and she's come to find out about her family, kids that are bullying her at school and much more. And thankfully, my incredibly sympathetic daughter has been giving her new friend advice on how to deal with mean girls. Just ignore them and make new friends. I've always felt that my daughter was an old soul, and when she gives sage advice like this to perfect strangers who have now become her virtual friends, I have to say, I'm pretty proud to be her mom.

Even more miraculous, while technology can be distracting and prevent us from spending quality time with loved ones (I am the worst offender of laptop addiction), it also provides us with tremendous freedom - like enabling us to telecommute or correspond with clients via webcam. And for kids preparing to go away to sleepaway camp for the first time, having a computer and a skype address can make the transition that much easier for them...and for us.

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Comment by Tonya Staab on March 30, 2009 at 1:07pm
Eek. Good luck Beth. I know you will miss her like crazy. Now I'll have to go and check out the bra story. Your daughter sounds wise beyond her years.

My 13 year old has only done a 1 week sleep away camp before. He had a blast. I had sleepless nights.

This summer he's going to Australia for 4 weeks without me. I'm terrified of him being on the plane all alone, even though he's made the trip with me countless times. Thankfully my parents will be waiting at the other end to collect him.

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