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Are you aware that we have many, many teens that are back in diapers. Very surprising ha! Take it from me this is a very stressful situation for both the teen as with the parents. There are many reason this can occur the teen could be stressed out due to pressure, trauma, diabetes, excretory system, medication that he/she might be taking and more. The most important thing you should do is take the teen for a full check up. This will help to rule out medical problems, it could be something new that has developed. Please whatever you do never let your fear transfer to the child. Try to be as supportive and understanding as possible you don't won't the situation to get worse. The most important thing to do is limit the teen intake of liquids. There are many teens that has to rely on using diapers...yes diapers during this diapers, adult pull ups,bed wetting diapers and much more. A bed wetting teen will try to hide the fact that he/she is wetting the bed. This is very easy to do by changing the bed early each morning while you may be wondering where all the laundry is coming from. You must be careful that the teen don't pick up that you are worried . This is why again..I have focused on a wonderful bed wetting timepiece that will help to eliminate bed wetting for all incontinent suffers. This devices offer so much more then it's functions it offers a design that is pleasing to the eye and giving that individual the look of just a standard watch but with special features to assist them. Again I ask ...will you help me make a bed wetters dream come true. A dream of being incontinence free and living a more active and healthier life.
Until Next Time: God Bless, Remember children are people too.

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Comment by alisa ann bolic on April 18, 2010 at 11:40pm
OH yeah,my daughters also along with diapers ,diaper rash cream and baby powder use plastic pants I order in their size over the internet.The plastic pants help prevent leaks and keep smells hidden.They also work as a silencer so other people don't hear the crackel of diapers when they walk and move.It's also important to listen to your teens as to what theeir personal needs are i the bathroom.My daughters frequently use enemas ,douchesand both vaginal and rectal suppositories.It is a rule in our house that if there is no bowel movement in 72 hrs. then we use an enema.They are very truthful when it comes to this.I told them how serious not going is and they often come and tell me they need an enema.they ask to go to the nursury , and I administer the enema then diaper them right after.They say standing up and going is easier than sitting.whatever they want .I just watch to make sure they go after the enema ,and they always have .If they didn't straight to the doctor we would go.the point is make these things available without them having to ask.Also my daughter says diapers are perfect for when she is having her period.Makes sense.anyone else with a similar situation?
Comment by alisa ann bolic on April 18, 2010 at 11:12pm
I have two daughters ages 12 and 14 and both of them like to wear diapers at night when they go to bed.Sometimes they will wear them to school too.I asked them why they wear diapers and they both said it makes them feel comfortable.After 5 years of this I took them to the doctor to make sure it wasn't somthing medically wrong.The doctor said they were both fine and one day they would probaly stop wearing diapers on their own.They both admit to an occaisional accident in the midddle of the night.I know this is true because I do the laundry.They are picky about what kind of diapers I buy .They like Attends adult diapers.Sometimes I change them too.They both use diaper rash cream and baby powder.We even have a room we call the nursury .They said some of their friends at school know, but they are supportive.Even some of their friends like being diapered.I think teens who wear diapers are totally normal and a lot more girls and boys are wearing diapers at this age than we know about.They are embarassed because of the stigma that wearing diapers brings .Kids can be cruel but my daughters are proud of their diapers .I will keep buying them diapers as long as they ask.I f it makes them feel good , safe and comfortable it's no problem.I recommend all moms to support their daughters diapering .
Comment by Stephanie on September 17, 2008 at 1:54pm
Hi Lisa, sometimes and hopefully it will just stop on its own. However, its best to get professional advice before the conditions psychological impact takes its toll.

Drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day is very important to flush toxins out of the body. Few of us drink enough water. I solved that problem by starting each day with 2 glasses of water. Then I spend about 10 minutes of exercise and thew another glass of water. During the day I make sure I have 3 or 4 more glasses of water before 5 P.M. Also, start every day with a banana for essential potassium.

God Bless and Good Light!

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