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Through the Storm: Britney Spears mom speaks out

Sometimes it's important to walk in someone else's shoes to see the "rest of the story". This past week I curled up with a new book, Through the Storm, written by Lynne Spears and Lorilee Craker. In it we see the Spears home from the perspective of a mom who loves her girls, but is swept into the midst of a small but powerful segment of society called fame.

Her life and that of her children are on display for the world to see. Dad is an alcoholic. Lynne is a young mom just trying to get by, happy to sit in dance studios and on sports benches as her children pursue what they love. When Britney wins an audition with the famed Mickey Mouse club, the life of her child changes, but is still protected within the children's world of Disney. But later her daughter becomes a pop star and suddenly her child is sought after by people who can harm her, and do. From the paparrazi to a sleazy manager who moves into Britney's life and moves her family out, to a bizzare night when Lynne watches helplessly with the rest of the world as her daughter is transported by ambulance to a psych hospital.

What is interesting about this book is the lack of pretense. Lynne is someone I might meet in the grocery store in my home town. She's a small town girl who loves God, loves her family, and who got caught in the spotlight because of two very talented daughters.

She's honest about her struggles, her relationship with her girls, her hopes for her daughter who is finding her way back from the man who gave her pills to keep her in his control. She tells about the day her youngest told her that she was pregnant. She explains her love for her ex-husband, but how the day came she had to unchoose him because of his choices that were harming their family, and the friendship they still have.

This book made me wonder. Would I want fame for my own children? As much as I want my children to succeed, I think I'd pass if they had to pay the price that this family has, and yet like Lynne I want my children to run after their dreams.

The book is choppy, moving from subject to subject at random, but held my interest. It felt like a conversation over tea with a new friend as she described her life.

Want to preview the book? Click here.

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Comment by alover on January 16, 2009 at 4:00pm
I've always had a soft spot for Britney. I've also wondered how I would balance encouraging my daughter to pursue her dreams and protecting her from the jaws of the industry. I hope their story has a happy ending. I really do.
Comment by T. Suzanne Eller on January 5, 2009 at 6:59am
Sidney, love that. It's a much healthier bubble for sure than hiding them away from real life. : )
Comment by Sidney on January 5, 2009 at 6:35am
I love to read, and this is one I'll definitely check out. Those of us with kids, teenagers in particular, obviously want the best for them, all while wanting them to spread their wings and grow. Britney was "taken" at such a vulnerable age when they still need so much Godly adult guidance, and unfortunately, her growing was done in the public eye. I remember telling God one time when my children were much younger that I wish I could just put them in a protective bubble for the rest of their lives (or at least their time at home with me!), and His response was that that is what prayer is for. That has eased my mind at a time when I now have three teenagers, and three more on the way up!!
Comment by T. Suzanne Eller on January 5, 2009 at 5:40am
My own daughter is one day younger than Britney. If I put myself in Lynne's shoes, I wonder how I would respond or feel. Love your comment.

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